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Subject: growing up in the eighties thread

Written By: dwight on 12/06/07 at 9:56 pm

when i grew up in the eighties
its was fun for me
born in 1981
saturday morning cartoons 
my favorites were alvin and the chipmunks 
muppet babies  its punky brewster
cbs story break and others
my favorite weekday cartoons
jem  shows over synergy
ninja turtles
woody woodpecker
and denver the last dinosaur
i remember the NBC saturday night lineup from saturday september 14 1985 from eight o clock  to ten
gimme a break facts of life my favorite  golden girls  227 and hunter
i also loved to watch punky brewster fame  sliver spoons different strokes the maggie sam years 1984 -1986
head of the class  growing pains  full house  another world  the bold and the beautiful
solid gold  star search  designing women  dynasty dallas falcon crest 
dance fever  puttin on the hits
i will never forget christmas 1988  i had a pocket rocker that played bangles manic monday
but i lost it thought
i remember the commercials  my favorites were lynda carter maybelline commercials
levis 501 jeans and others
i have many good movies on dvd that i dont watch yet
my  favorite fashions were leg warmers  flashdance style
ripped jeans cowboy boots shoulder pads  members only jacket
jheri curls  flashdance perm
i love all eighties music
still listen to it
so what was it like growing up in the eighties
share your memories

Subject: Re: growing up in the eighties thread

Written By: JamieMcBain on 12/07/07 at 7:25 pm

Mostly recess, my favorite part of the school day, watching Saturday morning cartoons, trying to get to the box of cereal, before my younger can get to it, going to my friend's birthday part at a bowling alley, watching my younger brother play hockey games, freezing my butt off, whilw waiting for the bus to arrive for school, during winter, putting my tounge on a frozen flag pole (yes, I actually did that), going to summer camp, going to the CLE (a local summer fair), and going to school during grade three, to wisconsin, for a year.

Whew!  ;D

Subject: Re: growing up in the eighties thread

Written By: wildcard on 12/07/07 at 8:01 pm

Saturday morning cartoons was a must for me.

Subject: Re: growing up in the eighties thread

Written By: coqueta83 on 12/07/07 at 8:09 pm

Playing with JEM, Barbie, and Rainbow Brite dolls, listening to the radio (which was on practically ALL the time), playing with my friends at the park or the vacant lot at the end of my street, Slurpees and Tootsie Roll Pops at the 7-Eleven, Hot Dog on a Stick at the mall, Tom and Jerry cartoons in the afternoons, and, of course, those Saturday Morning Cartoons!  :)

Subject: Re: growing up in the eighties thread

Written By: Class of 84 on 12/07/07 at 8:43 pm

I was a little older in the 80's, so instead of watching cartoons on Saturday morning, I would sleep in until 12:00, go cruising with friends, hanging out at the arcades, having the radio on non-stop, getting into mischief....

Subject: Re: growing up in the eighties thread

Written By: Davester on 12/08/07 at 12:12 am

  Yeah, I pretty much left Sat. morning toons in the 70s, maybe holding out for Pac Man in '81, and that's about it...

Subject: Re: growing up in the eighties thread

Written By: Marty McFly on 12/08/07 at 8:44 pm

My actual memories are only from about Spring 1985+ (I might remember like one second of 1984 too, but nothing that's clear enough to make out). Even though it's not all exclusively "kid stuff", that of course was the only experience I had at the time.

Personal - Hanging with friends (especially, like kids of family friends) and doing simple stuff with my parents (i.e. car trips, vacations). School stuff was pretty fun too, especially since it was just kindergarden and early elementary, and just waking up to the world.

Pop culture - music (almost all kinds of pop radio stuff), video games (especially arcades and Nintendo), those circular pulltoys, a couple scattered cartoons like that period's Sesame Street, etc. I didn't really care about television or movies until 1991.

Of course, alot of both of those categories mixed together too, which made it even more special.

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