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Subject: Odyssey, Peanuts, Studio One, Pee Wee Herman, and Phases Dance Clubs in LA?

Written By: Michael Dorame on 01/25/08 at 7:00 pm

OMiGod. Like gag me with a spoon. I am soooo sure. Totally!

Whatever happened to?

If this got your attention chances are you went to one of these clubs above and knew cool personalities like Cee Farrow, Boy Clay (Clay keck), Rosie (Pete Burns), Cecilio (Sex), Michaeangelo (Was at Peanuts heading the drag show The Cosmetics), David Montegian, Jenny Outmesguine, Karen Shimmin, Denny Thornton, Jason Sweet, Jay Sennat,  Billy Woolsey, West Kokinda, Loretta (did Mark Almond), Jerry Lipham, Paula Obdike, Michael White, Terri Qualls, Kevin (Owner of Phases), Danny Santiago,  David Mitchell (did Cherry Bomb), Roger Frazier, Carla Rankin, Darla, Tony and Tricia Franko, Eva Destruction (Alexis Arquette),  Nico Roberts, Quentin Taylor, Rabbit, Michelle Garrett, Bam Bam, Chris Shuper, Stephen Crouch, hector Castro, Sabrina Barchek, Annie Laganga, Tony (DJ at Phases), Matthew Rosenthall etc

Also, there was that guy who dressed like Pee Herman at clubs such as Phases, Peanuts, Plastic Passion, Bitter End, Ariel, Studio One and even Rage - lol hey that guy was me. Michael Dorame (pronouned Do Re Mi)  - I am still alive so if any of yuo who went to any of these clubs or spaces remember me hot me up as it would be great to reconnect.

Take care

Michael aka Pee Wee

Subject: Re: Odyssey, Peanuts, Studio One, Pee Wee Herman, and Phases Dance Clubs in LA?

Written By: durantic on 12/30/08 at 7:35 pm


Yeah, I went to Phases, along with Hot Trax, Dillon's (SFV and Westwood), Xenon West, The Bog, Seven Seas, Odyssey...too many to list.

My name is Scott Kathan. I used to do the lip-synch's with Dan Carlin (Adam and the Ants) and Dominic Goglia (also Adam and the Ants). Also performed Tears for Fears with Shout and Pale Shelter.

I remember Clay, Rosie, Sarah Houston, Jason Sweet (!), Billy Woolsey (used to date my ex, Nikki Andrzejewski), Loretta (the Soft Cell girl), Nico Taylor, Quentin Roberts, all of the Speedsters (Rebel, Rabbit, Shadow, etc...), and a host of others.

Living in SF now. If anyone wants to correspond, please do so.

you can reach me at

-Scott Kathan

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