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Subject: Help me identify this watergun!

Written By: BigBrother on 01/31/08 at 12:13 am

Hey all- so I've started going down memory lane and am trying for the life of me to remember this brand of water gun...

Here goes-

They were electric, probably out around 87-88, before Super Soakers.  They were modeled after semi-real guns, but, here's the trick, they were in all these fluorescent patterns, like green/pink tiger stripes.  One was called the Bushwacker, I'm nearly certain.  The patterns on them kind of resembled those on various fishing lures- really bright, day glow colors but in speckled patterns, stripes, etc.  I think they were pretty high end for the time.


Subject: Re: Help me identify this watergun!

Written By: snozberries on 01/31/08 at 2:57 am

I remember those from when I worked at Toys R Us...there was an orange one and green one...

Here's a good link to water guns of the 80s... although the gun you mentioned is not here its still a nice stroll down memory lane  they have ZapIt...remember that?  It was like and uzi.

then I found this... maybe you can post here someone might know but please come back and tell me if you get the answer

In the meantime...for your viewing pleasure I found this...
A great 80s water gun commercial... definitely couldn't get away with this today.
BY  NEIGHT  AT 07/11/07 11:47 AM

Entertech was the realistic ones you're talking about BIGTRUE! I can remember the bazooka as well. They also had a portable device made for filling up water grenades on the run.

I myself had a few, my favorite being the shotgun. Had the pump action handle (not for pressurizing, but for cocking back some sorta spring laoded water pushing pin). You could fire one big ass jet or 5 little ones in a spread.

Then super soaker came in and ruined the art of water pistols.

I remember in it's final years, Entertech had to change it's color scheme from hyper realistic drab to cocaine inhaling 80's neon.


Subject: Re: Help me identify this watergun!

Written By: BigBrother on 01/31/08 at 8:52 am


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