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Subject: Tron!

Written By: Atari on 02/18/08 at 3:43 am

Anyone else love this movie? I know it's a cult favorite for geeks like me, but are there any non-geeks who like this movie?

I'd also love to hear from other geeks who continulously watch this movie like I do :)

Subject: Re: Tron!

Written By: Philip Eno on 02/18/08 at 5:36 am

I am a geek and I have not seen the movie Tron, my son has...

Subject: Re: Tron!

Written By: whistledog on 02/18/08 at 8:36 am

I saw Tron years ago, but I haven't seen it in a long time.  I enjoyed it though :)

I used to play the old arcade game Tron, and I even have the Atari 2600 game 'Tron: Deadly Discs'

Subject: Re: Tron!

Written By: robby76 on 02/18/08 at 8:40 am

I went to the cinema as a mere 6 yr old to watch Tron with the family. Needless to say I didn't understand a thing. I clearly remember watching bits of it though. Not had a chance to watch it since then but I would if it was on tv.  :)

Subject: Re: Tron!

Written By: Streethawk! on 02/19/08 at 2:33 pm

No, No, No, No!    :)
Automan was far superior to Tron, In my opinion anyway. Automan has a Lamborghini Countach LP400 too  :P And a rather awful looking Autobike we saw in one episode  not to mention the various other contraptions he had :-X

Subject: Re: Tron!

Written By: Tia on 02/19/08 at 2:45 pm

i thoroughly enjoyed the movie, it's very forward looking in terms of being pretty much the first CGI movie!

the tron videogame was cool but i mostly just liked the battling motorcycles part. nice simple game concept.

Subject: Re: Tron!

Written By: MaxwellSmart on 02/19/08 at 10:10 pm

Soundtrack by Wendy Carlos.  Though they had to include that dumb Journey song on the album.

In 1995, I think it was, I bought a sealed copy of the "Tron" soundtrack.  Inside were two coupons for the Bally "Tron" arcade video game, expiration date: 11/30/1982, so even if I could have found an arcade with the tron game, I'da been outta luck!

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