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Subject: Names of Action Figure Toy

Written By: Aj on 02/24/08 at 10:06 pm

Would like to know if anyone out there recognizes this toy from late 70's to early 80's.

Descriptions: There were only two, one good one which was all white,  and one evil one which was all black.  They didn't look like robots, but rather space suits.  I recall the white one had some type of breathing apparatus, like scuba on the face. They were approximately 6" tall and were all metal.  The head, arms, and legs had ball joints, which fit into the torso that had a the magnetic sockets.  The arms ended in balled fists, which were spring loaded and could be shot. Each good guy and bad guy had their own horse.  The horses, like the 'men' were all metal, with legs that were ball joints, and fit into the magnetic socket torso.  The horses had a spring loaded rocket launcher, with two rockets on each side of the horse.  I think the launcher had the same ball / magnetic socket.

If this sound familar, please drop me a line.  Would love to know what these were called, and who knows, maybe get my hand on a set.  Thanx

Subject: Re: Names of Action Figure Toy

Written By: robby76 on 02/25/08 at 6:41 am

I tried an extensive Google and Ebay search but nothing relevant comes up under the various tags. I do love my vintage action figures so I had fun doing it even if I was of no help.  :D

ps: The only show I can think of with a futuristic horse is Bravestarr but I don't think that's what it is.

Subject: Re: Names of Action Figure Toy

Written By: Timm on 02/25/08 at 7:30 am

See if the guy in this banner with the robotic like guy in a white suit is the one.

If it is, it may help folks remember. I couldn't find nothing on who he is though.

Only other figures that come close to your description I can think of were called "Metal Men"

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