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Subject: Eddie Schwartz (U.S. One Hit Wonder)

Written By: whistledog on 06/02/08 at 2:00 am

Anyone remember Eddie Schwartz?  I already know the answer is no, but you never know LOL ...

Eddie Schwartz is/was a Canadian singer who had a US Top 40 hit in 1982 with All Our Tomorrows

1981 - Does A Fool Ever Learn?
1982 - All Our Tomorrows
1982 - Over the Line
1984 - Strike
1995 - Bourbon Street
1995 - Every Road I Take

As you can see, he was a bigger star in Canada, but his biggest claim to fame wasn't as a singer but as a songwriter.  His first success was in 1980 via the song 'Hit Me With Your Best Shot' which he wrote for Pat Benatar.  He also wrote the 1987 hit 'Don't Shed A Tear' for Paul Carrack.  More success came as a co-writer on Carrack's 1989 hit 'I Live By the Groove' and The Doobie Brothers' 1989 comeback hit 'The Doctor'

The Canadian metal band Helix had a hit with 'Does A Fool Ever Learn' in Canada.  As well, in 1984, America hit US #106 with 'Special Girl' (which was written and recorded by Eddie that same year as a single from his 'Strike' album, but never charted) and in 1987, Joe Cocker hit #64 in Canada with a cover of 'All Our Tomorrows'

Today, he still writes songs for other people and keeps a foothold in the music production business, but I don't think he records or tours anymore

Subject: Re: Eddie Schwartz (U.S. One Hit Wonder)

Written By: Davester on 06/02/08 at 2:19 am

  I know who Eddie Schwartz is  - he's the guy who invented the light bulb but Edison hogged all the credit...

  But seriously, I don't recognize the YouTube clip...

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