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Subject: Aussie Rock - Same Old Girl Darryl Cotton

Written By: Captainfancypants on 12/12/08 at 11:54 pm

Here is one for all of you closet "Aussie *0s rock" fans.  I know you are out there.

This week, I have chosen (to review)
Same old girl by Darryl Cotton.

Darryl was a singer in Zoot (1960's band in OZ) that had the claim to fame of being Beeb Birtles of LRB and of course our own closet Aussie,  Rick Springfield.  Eleanor Rigby was the hit then (good solid rock version)
But he went onto 80's stuff with this 'extraordinary" clip set in a cinema.

A question to music fans, does the start sound like "I got you" by Split Enz - you be the judge  Link in my site to compare.
Link here for the youtube clip

Link here for my review.
Note all the underlines links on the site link to a youtube song - mostly from 1980. Has a good list of songs.  (James Freud is my fav!)
If you are fast there is a comp on the site.  Only for a badge but I gotta start somewhere, when you are mimesationally taking over the world one street gig at a time.

Keep on rockin!  As we continue to.... well do something........ :D

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