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Subject: Airwolf

Written By: joeman on 01/05/09 at 2:32 pm

I remember seeing the re-runs of this show in the late 80's/early 90's but nobody I talked to remembers this show.  Anyone fans of it?  Also, do you think they should remake this show or make it into a movie?  The theme music is badass.

Subject: Re: Airwolf

Written By: robby76 on 01/05/09 at 7:51 pm

Please no more remakes!  :D

I did like Airwolf... in fact I hummed the theme tune just yesterday! The show was huge back in the day, so I'm surprised you have friends who don't remember it. I'm pretty sure all the seasons are out on dvd which proves how loved it is.

Subject: Re: Airwolf

Written By: gumbypiz on 01/06/09 at 1:22 am

Who doesn't remember Airwolf and its great theme song? 8)

Along with Knightrider this was one of the coolest shows of the 80's featuring a cool modified helicopter that screamed like a wolf...

It was a pretty terrible show actually, The FIRM  ::) seriously?? But as a kid in the 80's this was pure butter! I even had the video game version of the show back then.

And the cast w/Ernest Borgnine, & Jan-Michael Vincent, truly inspired casting. I loved watching it as a kid, even if the plots got so convoluted it stopped making sense to the writers themselves and they basically started the show over in the last season. ???

As far a remaking it, well didn't they already do this? Somehow I thought they revived Airwolf for syndication sometime ago (early 90's maybe?), and it flopped terribly.

Wonder what happened to Jan-Michael Vincent. He was really riding high with this show and then dropped of the face of the planet, heard he had some alcohol/drug issues...too bad.

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