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Subject: K-tel and the compilation album

Written By: Captainfancypants on 03/10/09 at 5:07 am

Yes they started back in the very late 60's, but K-tel cornered the market with compilation albums, that have now gone on to spawn TV shows based around cable and TV music shows of today.
I have reviewed a couple of the more average ones but wondered if all and sundry want to mention their best (or worst) craptactular albums compilations and the amazing names they came up with.
All Aussie ones reviewed here with an appropriate youtube link.
First one:  Thru the Roof 1983  has a couple of gems (including BOP Girl - very average song, but clip was Nicole Kidmans first claim to TV/movie fame - but an oh so bad clip. ???
side 2

Then we also have Squeezed out - just made 1980 by a month and a broken tomato cover!  Some good Aussie songs!

But can people list a few of the compilations of the time, the names, the tunes and the average titles!
Cheers from Downunder
Captain Fancypants from the mimesational

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