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Subject: Dark / underground / ecclectic clubs and scenes in the 80's

Written By: MightyLemonDrop on 05/09/09 at 8:11 am

You know that dark and gothic music achieved its biggest popularity in the 80's, especially in the second half. What were the main dark / underground / indie clubs of your city in the 80's? Did you frequent them?

I start with my city (Valencia, Spain). The underground scene was very thriving then in the 80's, and there were many clubs such as Spook Factory, Barraca, Chocolate, Bravatta/N.O.D., Espiral, ACTV or Coliseum in which you could listen to this music, imported mainly from the UK and Germany, but also from the US, Ireland, Belgium, Australia, Canada, and other countries, besides the concerts that bands who were played there by the DJ's used to do very often. The repertoire included a blend of different types of alternative music such as indie pop/rock, gothic pop/rock, industrial and EBM music, techno, synthpop, new beat, acid house and so. The opening hours were really long throughout the weekend and part of the rest of the week, as whenever one of these clubs closed, another one was opening to allow the people to carry on with the party. Inquiring minds from more important cities like Madrid and Barcelona, which had more conventional scenes, used to come to live the night of Valencia. We say Valencia lived a music scene very similar to the one in Manchester. Unfortunately from 1992-1993 the underground scene here became massive and music degenerated into cheesy techno music.

Subject: Re: Dark / underground / ecclectic clubs and scenes in the 80's

Written By: Midas on 05/09/09 at 11:38 am

I didn't go to nightclubs until I was 16 (late 1988).  Sgt. Pepper's Video Dance Club in Tempe AZ played a lot of underground dance music during their "Pre-show" (first hour that they were open) and sporadically throughout the night mixed with hip-hop and house.

I hit Planet Earth in Scottsdale a few times for after hours and they had 2 rooms - New Wave/Goth/Indie/Industrial in one and Hip-Hop/House in the room upstairs.

Club UM (University & Mill in Tempe) Had some wicked acid house after hours.  The DJ would also scratch in a coach's whistle sound effect over trax.

Club DV8 in Scottsdale was strictly alternative when I went there (1991).  The Cure, Front 242, Bauhaus, Jesus Jones, Bigod 20, MCL etc.  However it wasn't very packed.

Halfway through 1991 I moved to Dallas TX and got introduced to techno at places like Lizard Lounge, Safari Bar and Nettwerk.

I got back to Phoenix in 2003 and Anderson's Fifth Estate ran an 80's night on Saturdays with mainstream in the main room and more darkwave/industrial/goth in the Elbo Room.

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