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Subject: 80s Movies on Blu-Ray

Written By: whistledog on 09/11/09 at 10:41 pm

Classic 80s movies are slowly coming to Blu-Ray. 

So far, I have these ...

♦ Dead Calm
♦ Silverado
♦ Romancing the Stone
♦ Jewel of the Nile
♦ Predator
♦ Commando
♦ Trading Places
♦ Coming to America
♦ Body Heat
♦ Blue Thunder
♦ The Last Starfighter
♦ Young Guns
♦ Dirty Dancing
♦ Big
♦ National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation
♦ Die Hard
♦ Lethal Weapon
♦ Lethal Weapon 2
♦ The Hunt For Red October
♦ Superman II:  The Richard Donner Cut
♦ Big Trouble in Little China
♦ Short Circuit
♦ Revenge
♦ The Untouchables
♦ Black Rain
♦ First Blood
♦ Rambo: First Blood Part II
♦ Ramdo III
♦ Hoosiers
♦ Risky Business
♦ Spaceballs
♦ St. Elmo's Fire
♦ Ferris Bueller's Day Off
♦ Road House
♦ License to Kill
♦ The Lost Boys
♦ For Your Eyes Only
♦ Never Say Never Again
♦ Twilight Zone: The Movie
♦ Top Gun
♦ The Terminator
♦ Robocop
♦ The Princess Bride
♦ Poltergeist

Subject: Re: 80s Movies on Blu-Ray

Written By: JamieMcBain on 09/12/09 at 9:42 am

Still more of a DVD person, myself.

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