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Subject: Desperately seeking the title of a movie.

Written By: nickhudspeth on 10/30/09 at 2:19 am

I saw a movie when i was younger, and for years I've tried to find it. I'm almost sure this movie is from the late 80's, but it could be from the early 90's as well. In the movie, a doctor has a satanic son who kills himself in his room by stabbing himself in the chest with a knife situated on top of what i remember to be a wicker basket. The son leaves his father a note that says something like, "Blah blah.. I guess you couldn't save this one... " I'm pretty sure that the doctor puts his son's body in their refrigerator in hopes to later revive him. There is a scene where the is in some type of wormhole on the way to hell, and then there's a great chunk of the movie missing from my memory. Somehow, the son comes back to Earth, and starts wreaking all kinds of havok, and building some funky contraption. A girl gets involved later, and i remember the son saying "I need a virgin for my art" or something of the sort. I could almost swear that Jeff Goldblum played the doctor, but i guess I'm wrong.

If it helps at all, I remember watching an episode of Animaniacs as a kid, and they made a reference to this movie. Wacko or one of them was building some machine that i remember looking like a roller coaster, and Yacko ( i guess) turns to the camera and says " I think i saw this in a _______ movie..."

If anyone could tell me the name of this movie, it would be greatly appreciated.

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