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Subject: Help me find this 80s horror movie - guy with evil eye in hand

Written By: tzily on 12/29/09 at 8:37 am

First of all I would like to salute you all here.
I found out about this interesting forum by searching google for this movie and found this in the archives:
It seems that 'bubble' never found out what's the name of the movie and she isn't a member anymore because I've searched for her on the members list to check with her  :\'(
Oh well, so here are the detailes, I've first posted on Imdb here and now I'm quoting it for you if that's ok.

All I remember is this guy, dunno what happened to him, but suddenly he gets an eye in his hand. I remember there was a snatch in the palm and he kept it wrapped up maybe. When it was unwrapped, a big blinking eye was showing up and it was taking over him.
This I know for sure: He needed to kill people and stab them somewhere, and after that, he was positioning his hand with the eye over the wound, and the eye was coming out of his hand and it actually was a snake, the snake was going into the dead guy. And so on the eye was back on the hand for the next victims.
I can't remember more, but I did find out on google more people saw it but can't figure the name, here:
... it's an old thread.

Here's another hint, but it might be from another movie, haha - it's all messed up in my head.
This badass guy comes into a store, he may be dressed all in black, but he had a black round hat on his head. Everyone stares at him in the store because he had one of those faces ready to kill, they probably atack him or something and he takes his hat down and throws it around spinning with round sharp edges and kills them all, maybe cutting their heads. And then he stabs them and does the eye/snake thing for all of them. - also I remember he did the spinning hat thing on more people, not just in the store.

I know I've seen it in the 90s on tv on this italian channel: Italia Uno. They were broadcasting it for few years in a row back then so this means it wasn't just a low budget movie. I was just a kid so can't remember too much, it might of been an italian movie, but I don't think so, american movie most likely.
If anyone knows more about this and would like to add something, maybe even the title, I would really appreciate it.
Thank you!

I really hope I've posted in the right section of the forum :) they are like mazes for me.

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