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Subject: Which are these five 80's movies?

Written By: 80s_fan on 05/08/10 at 1:12 pm

Hello everyone! I'm desperately looking for at least a single title from these. These seem like a real challenge for every board (I used to post on IMDb boards but no one was able to help):

1) A movie about a group of people that were in the desert. It was an American movie and as far as I remember it was set in black and white, but it wasn't too old (80's or 90's). There was this girl that was staring up at a guy who was holding a rock. He smashed her face with the rock and she fell down. Some friends of the guy were also there but they didn't do anything. That is the only scene I remember from this strange movie. I think it was a flashback scene. Another scene from this movie I remember was set in a movie house or something.

2) Must have been an Italian horror movie or something. I remember a couple were enjoying themselves in a park/forest. Then they discovered a hut/small house. The bad guys were a tribe of people with blue skin or blue tint/paint on their skin. As far as I remember the actors, playing the tribe members were black. So their skin looked dark-blue with a glow or something. I don't remember clearly as I was a kid but as far as I remember those people used to hang big rocks from trees. As the couple were running away from them, these stones were falling down in front of them to scare them or something. It was one of those movies that make you feel like on drugs while watching it. It's 70's or 80's.

3) A movie about a love triangle (?). I remember that a man was held in something like a hospital or he was a captive of a brunette woman with short hair. She was making cut marks on his chest with a surgical knife or something. I thought that was quite creepy! The other woman had a long blond hair and she was looking for the man, but the brunette lied to her that he wasn't there. I think the movie is most probably from the 80's or early 90's. I am not sure about the country of origin. It might be actually from the USA.

4) The only thing I remember about this movie is it was filmed in something like a castle. It was from the 80s/90s and there were those female statues in the garden that used to move their hands from time to time. They were not human statues as suggested on another message board, but they were made from metal or something.

5) Most likely a USA or Canadian movie or an episode from those mystery-related TV series. It was about a present-day woman that got possessed/reverted to her past life mind or something and started dressing in an old-fashioned way. As far as I remember she was a redhead and had that green suit or maybe dress that she made more feminine by modifying it and making it look like from an early era. I clearly remember her putting an old-fashioned belt on its waist to make it 60s/70s like. It's NOT from the Prom Night franchise! I guess it was made in the 80's or the early 90's.

Any help on at least one of these flicks would be greatly appreciated. I've been looking for titles all over the Internet but found nothing. I was going to post them in different topics, but that would've been flooding as there are 5 of them. Yeah, I know that 5 is a pretty large number, but I grew up while watching TV. I've been looking the titles of those movies for years on the Internet to no avail. Anything would be helpful.

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