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Subject: 80s commercial, really cute... "Growing Up"

Written By: BigBrother on 01/10/11 at 10:47 am

Hey all, I'd asked this some months ago but couldn't find the original thread.  In any case, it didn't get a whole lot of traffic, so I figured I'd try again!

I'm trying to track down this commercial shown *constantly* in the mid-late 80s, at least in California..

It had a little girl dressed sort of punky, in all black, like Madonna in the 80s.  She's applying lipstick and being asked a few questions by a narrator. He finally asks her something like "is there anything you're afraid of?" or "anything you're not sure of?" And she goes "Growwing Upppp".  It was really cute and popular at the time.

I think it was an insurance commercial, but I'm far from certain.

Anyone have any idea?  A link to the actual commercial is what I'm really after, but even a company name would be great!


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