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Subject: 80s pop culture quiz (American centralized)

Written By: Jenny1982 on 09/22/12 at 1:40 am

Twelve questions in total. How many can you get without cheating?

1. Which greeting card company introduced the Care Bears in the early 1980s?

2. Which dice-themed game show was taped at Trump's Castle in Atlantic City, New Jersey, and Showboat Hotel & Casino and aired on television in 1988?

3. Which 1980s NES shooting video game involved a dog that would 'laugh' if a player failed?

4. The main character of the 1980s television series Magnum PI lived in which US state?

5. Which band performed the soundtrack song of the same name, for the mid-1980s James Bond film "A View To A Kill"?

6. What name is given to Michael Jackson's dance technique that presents the illusion of the dancer being pulled backwards while attempting to walk forward?

7. Falkor the Luck Dragon appears in which mid-1980s fantasy film?

8. Who appears in the 1980s NES video game Super Mario Bros. as a brother of Mario?

9. Where in the United States were the 1984 Summer Olympics held?

10. Which popular late-1980s toy ball was made of rubber filaments (strings) attached to a soft rubber core?

11. Fashionable amongst teenage girls in the 1980s were which media-popularized coverings for the lower legs, similar to socks but thicker?

12. If there's something strange in your neighborhood, who ya gonna call?

Subject: Re: 80s pop culture quiz (American centralized)

Written By: Mouse man tattoo on 09/23/12 at 6:33 pm

I got 7/12  ???

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