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Subject: toys of the 80s

Written By: gillandro on 10/18/12 at 12:51 pm

hi all I am trying to remember the names of some toys I had when i was a boy in the 80s... maybe from descriptions maybe others remember them too...

1)  this was a building set that featured purple and blue pipes that when put together along with cockpits and wings and all sorts of funny tubes could form space ships... there were the good guys and the bad guys and they even had a set that would glow in the dark.  they came with tiny action figures about maybe an inch high that had rubber arms and legs with a plastic main body they were supposed to be some sort of space force along with their rivals.

2)  this toy was a sort of construction deconstruction set... you would build a building frame out of girders made of plastic that would sort of interlock and then when you were done you would put a plunger under the building at certain points and after stepping on a button that would shoot air to the piston the building would fall apart, sort of like using dynamite on it.

3) this toy was a building set that had blocks with white pieces in the middle that acted like screws to lock the blocks together, you would have a little green screwdriver that came with the set, a little orange construction worker figure that you could take apart to put him into vehicles, the pieces had no curves at all, they were all just sort of long and small shapes with all 90 degree angles.

I love to find out out the past.  if anyone remembers these toys or at least knows what company made them would help me look things up... thanks.

Subject: Re: toys of the 80s

Written By: on 10/22/12 at 9:27 pm

Would Construx be it?

Or Robotix?

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