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Subject: "Carrie" and prom horror of the 1980s!

Written By: The Valley Goth on 04/18/13 at 12:50 am

Like, Hi, Fer Shurr,


I can't really watch the bad part of the prom scene from "Carrie", but I watched it once, and I know that certain 1980s prom horror movies borrowed from it, because I've seen certain prom horror scenes, during which prom queens turn into monsters, etc.

Which movies from the 1980s were prom horror movies?  Were tons of them made during the 1980s?

I'm also almost curious that "Carrie" WASN'T a 1980s movie.  I know, I know.  Stephen King published the story during 1974, set it during 1979 (Why did he have an obsession with that year?), and allowed the movie to be released during 1976, but I can see the storyline of "Carrie" working VERY well for the 1980s.  Ie. ....

MRS. WHITE (She sees Carrie putting the scissors back onto the dressing table): What did you DO, you sinner?
CARRIE: They're called Mall Bangs, Mama. (She begins to tease them)  I cut myself some bangs, and I'm styling them this way because I don't want to look like the 1970s anymore.  This is 1988!
MRS. WHITE: You CAN'T go ANWHERE like that!  The boys will be tempted to touch your Dirty Pillows, and then you'll fulfill The Sin of Blood!
CARRIE: Oh, Mama.  Please. (She begins to spray the bangs)
MRS. WHITE: What's in that CAN, you sinning daughter of Eve?  How DARE you spray the Devil's breath all over this room!
CARRIE: It's Aqua Net, Mama.  I got it at the mall, and ALL the other girls use it.
MRS. WHITE (Takes the can from Carrie, dashing it against the wall): We're going to PRAY, you poor child!  Lucifer has had his way with you...AGAIN!  (Sees Carrie's outfit)  What do you think you're WEARING?  Where is your long SKIRT?
CARRIE: This is a prom dress, Mama.  Don't you LIKE it?
MRS. WHITE: Adornment is the sin of greed, Carrie!  How DARE you turn against God like that!

I'm sorry if the aforementioned dialog sounds too cheesy, but wouldn't it have made sense if Carrie's mother had forced her to remain in the 1970s, when all of the other girls were teasing their Mall Bangs, wearing big bows on their prom dresses, and dressing themselves up with colorful jewelry?  Wouldn't a 1980s "Carrie" movie have made a slightly more powerful statement than the one that exists?

Subject: Re: "Carrie" and prom horror of the 1980s!

Written By: ralfy on 03/30/16 at 12:03 am

"It’s been 40 years since we took Carrie to the prom"

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