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Subject: How and when did the 80s retro movement begin?

Written By: Venomous Mask on 08/15/13 at 1:14 pm

Just as a disclaimer, this is not meant to be decadeology at all.  I am not trying to compare 80s and 2000s culture, just wondering about the 80s revival movement itself.

As a "90s Kid," I'm pretty well-aware of when and how the modern nostalgia movement took place.  But I was wondering; when and how did the 80s nostalgia movement of the 2000s first manifest itself?  I know that Sum 41 had 80s references in some of their songs, and it seemed to become a craze from 2006 on, but the first time that I noticed it getting underway was when I went to an 80s dance party in 2004.  I'm just curious, but in what shows/internet fads/whatever did official 80s nostalgia begin?

I thought about putting this in the 2000s section, but since it deals with the 80s, I put it here.

Subject: Re: How and when did the 80s retro movement begin?

Written By: 80sfan on 08/15/13 at 9:22 pm

The earliest 80s retro movement I remember was the 1997 film Romy and Michele's High school reunion. Then came 1998's The Wedding Singer.

But it really came into vogue with VH1's 2001 I love the 80s. And by 2004 80s retro was in full gear!

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