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Subject: Obscure Christian Travelling Bands (ie, Church missionaries)

Written By: Rediscovery-101 on 11/08/13 at 9:21 am

The 1980's were great for me.  Getting out on my own for a while.  Met lots of great and interesting people, especially in the Air Force.  While stationed in West Texas, I had the opportunity to see a very good Christian pop/soft rock band.  Two men, two women.  The went by the name "Red Letter Edition".

They also had one of their albums for sale in the back at the end.  The album name, if memory serves me, was called, "Just Like You".  I remember not actually having the donation price the were asking - I think I was a couple of bucks short but the sold me a copy, anyway.  I know they were sponsored in promoted as a Protestant group.  They were great, none the less.

I fell in love with this album, bumming time on a buddy's turntable (remember those?) whenever I could.  I eventually made a cassette tape (!) so I could have that portable with all my other tunes.

My point to all this rambling...

Looking for information on this ORIGINAL band from the 80's and not the one that goes by that name now, unless they happen to be one and the same (though I doubt it).

Looking for any info on where to buy obscure christian music and in particular these works:

"Just Like You"  by Red Letter Edition (Church band)

"Like the Dawn" group name and self-titled album (Catholic themed guitar trio)

Thank you.

Subject: Re: Obscure Christian Travelling Bands (ie, Church missionaries)

Written By: SpaceHog on 11/15/13 at 8:47 am

While not a "traveling" Christian band, there was a GREAT Christian band from the 80's called Vector.

I'll admit that they are a guilty pleasure of mine. You wouldn't have known that they were a CCM band.

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