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Subject: 1984 Margaret and Seana Tapp murders

Written By: andersenb11775 on 01/06/19 at 3:02 pm

The temporal perspective really hits you. For those of us who grew up In Melbourne Australia's outer east, it still feels like yesterday... but then you remember that when Margaret and Seana were killed, there was still a "Sun" paper in the morning and a "Herald" in the afternoon. There wouldn't be a merged "Herald Sun" for over six years.

I think little Seana was the intended victim. The attack on her was so much more brutal and sexual.

But my gut feeling tells me that the perpetrator first became familiar with the Tapps through Margaret since she had such an active social life and would have crossed paths with so many people. But that’s just my impression, not based on anything more than a gut feeling.

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