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Subject: a cartoon's name...

Written By: m@ on 11/28/02 at 07:35 a.m.

i am really struggling to remember the name of an animated cartoon. i thought it was maybe originially 80s but maybe it was early 90s so i thought i'd post about it on here to... help me please!  :D :D

all we can remember is a bear who was really stupid we are convinced he had two bees buzzing round his head. he and a bunch of other animals lived in a forest, there was then this guy, old, bold maybe with a big nose i think he wore pink, who lived in a huge house on top of hill
we think the story was that this guy had a secret and he didn't want the creatures to find it out so he hid it. also he may have, or someone may have, cut down all the forests and these animals were living in the last bit of forest...
the only other thing we remember is that the theme title began with an image of the globe before zooming in on this forest.
we are also sure that the name of the programme was one word, maybe something like the foresters and it was written in a similar font to that of The Wuzzles except maybe in gold... or are we getting confused with the Racoons there
if anyone can help me at all, i'd really appreciate a reply asap

Subject: Re: a cartoon's name...

Written By: johnny rainbow on 12/07/02 at 02:53 p.m.

hey i was just talking about that 'toon with a work colleague the other day! they didn't know what i was on about.
damned if i can remember what it was called..
but the opening credits did have a globe, it was in space and each of the animal characters floated towards the screen. there was a fox and maybe a wise owl.
and the bad guy always wore red 'pyjamas', yeah he lived in like a big castle, he was always trying to destroy the forest...i'm sure i loved the theme tune but can't remember it.

around the same time i used to watch two other programmes, one with a ginger haired girl (that really is all i can remember)
and the other one was an alien that came to earth in the form of a talking chair, his name was henry. anyone rememer these???

Subject: Re: a cartoon's name...

Written By: Oliver on 12/07/02 at 03:57 p.m.


Sounds like "The bluffers"...

Subject: Re: a cartoon's name...

Written By: Richard on 12/10/02 at 01:10 a.m.

I think you just described "The Raccoons" to a T.

Cyril Sneer (an ardvaark) was pink and smoked a cigar... had the bent down nose, etc..

Subject: Re: a cartoon's name...

Written By: Kay. on 12/11/02 at 03:14 a.m.

That's what I thought too Richard.