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Subject: Scorch, the Dragon (TV show)

Written By: Jorrico on 03/25/03 at 04:29 p.m.

Do any of you out there remember the short (very short) lived Tv series called "Scorch"?  It was about a guy who had a pet dragon or something, and the dragon was like a comedian (??)  I think I only watched it a few times because it was pulled off the air rather quickly.  Scorch was a little green dragon (like a Jim Henson 'Dinosaurs' style puppet); with red spikes on his head, and he wore a white tank top and sunglasses (I think).  In the promos for the show, Scorch would always blow a mouthfull of fire at a brick wall, and his name would appear on the bricks.  That's all I can remember about it.  I think the show airred in 1989 or 1990?  Not many people seem to remember it, 'cause it actually wasn't a very funny show, and I think that's why it got the hook early.

Subject: Re: Scorch, the Dragon (TV show)

Written By: Oliver on 03/26/03 at 04:52 a.m.

It was in 1992. Was very funny, i liked to see it. The dragon and the humor were kinda like Alf.

Here you will find more:


Subject: Re: Scorch, the Dragon (TV show)

Written By: Jorrico on 03/26/03 at 12:04 a.m.

I checked out that link to TV TOME.  Yep, that's the show!   I think you're right, they should bring it back!