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Subject: USA HIGH

Written By: litldevl on 11/04/03 at 07:25 p.m.

hello there, I am looking for any info. on an old "teen" related tv show. It was on in the mid '90's. It was called "USA HIGH". It was on the uSA network from what I remember. If anyone can help me out please email me at: LitlDevl666@comcast.net.
Thanks alot.

Subject: Re: USA HIGH

Written By: 1992thousand on 11/06/03 at 07:12 p.m.

i remember that show, it was one of the many bad Saved By The Bell knockoffs(California Dreams anyone?) with some kids in Paris i think, in some private high school where everyone speaks english. Probably the only thing memorable about the show was the girl who always goes "H-O-T-T hot!"

Subject: Re: USA HIGH

Written By: emma on 11/08/03 at 07:59 a.m.

yeah, i remember that show!along with "surf dudes with attitude" (california dreaming) and sweet valley high!we used to love those shows here in britain growing up!!!

Subject: Re: USA HIGH

Written By: Tv on 11/08/03 at 02:10 p.m.

Yeah I remember USA High. I was thinking about that show too the other day I just couldn't think of the name of the show off the top of my head. I liked that show I used to watch it when i came home from school. There was the dark haired girl who played the character Lauren and then the blonde haired guy who was Jackson. There was a girl with blonde hair she's on "she Spies" now. She was kinda cute looking in her "USA High" days. There was also the blonde haired woman who the teacher and then like a guy teacher: he was sort of the Mr. Pheene type(Boy Meets World) if I remember correctly.

I used to like California Dreams dreams too. You had characters like Sly(he was sort of like the clueless type but he had a good heart though), Tony(Black dude), and then Samantha(the Asian or Chinese Girl),  Jake(he came across as like a macho kind of guy when he first started on "California Dream's".) There was the blonde girl too in real life her name is Kelly Packard(she went on to be on "Baywatch" for a few years.) Jake took Matt's place when he left the show. Matt had a sister on that show and she left the show too. I loved those show's.

Anybody remember "City Guys?" I used to watch that too. That was late 90's/real early 00's. The Show's on NBC saturday morinings are not good now. The last show I watched was "Sk8" I think the name of the show was. I want Saved By The Bell and California Dreams back. Maybe I'm old and not with the times anymore.

Lastly, forgive me for describing people by race or eithnicity I'm just describing not saying anything discrimative(if thats even a word.)

Subject: Re: USA HIGH

Written By: carebearsrule on 11/13/03 at 07:45 a.m.

it was at a boarding school in paris (the setting)