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Subject: Band gee.. err..students of the 90s

Written By: 1992thousand on 01/23/04 at 07:37 p.m.

was anyone in band during the 90s? do you remember some of the stuff you played?I was a clarinet player. i remember some of the junk we played, like the jurassic park theme, robin hood-prince of thieves medley, the jag theme, and in winter always played sleigh ride. Also we got to play some awesome non 90's pieces like the Batman medley, and this one Latin medley with Oye Como Va, La Bamba, and Tequila, and a real tough one Dave Brubecks "Take 5". And when we got to do the Olympic theme in 96 also was really fun, our band director was part of a local  band himself and they played the "other" olympic theme that concert too.

I remember in class before playing people would always try to get on the keyboard and show their "skills" on really simple songs like "i believe i can fly" lol, and the band director would walk in and be like "hey! get off the keyboard!"

Then there was the Jazz Band that got together every other day after school, it was open to anyone. At one of the school concerts i remember them playing "turn the beat around" and "25 or 6 to 4", that was the first time i can recall hearing it and loved it ever since. Then there was this one time these 2 guys, one was a guitar player and the other played drums, got special permission from the director to play "Come Out and Play" and completely rocked the house(well, the gym) down!

ah, those were some fun times in band.