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Subject: Game Questions From The 90's

Written By: Matt McEwen on 04/11/04 at 05:24 p.m.

I am designing a game for me and my friends to play.  We all were born around 1985 and grew up in the 90's.  So I have made 2 reditions of a game I call back in our day.  So this game has many questions that all relate to stuff we would know growing up.  Here are some of the examples... computer type pets (TAMAGACHI/ GIGA PETS)...#1 type of bracelet (SNAP/SLAP)...Shredders 2 main minions (BEBOP & ROCKSTEADY)...Fresh prince of bellairs cousin (CARLTON)... and so on.  Anyhow I have come up with a little over 200 questions and have run out.  So anything you guys can think of (movies, cartoons, music, commercials, trends, and anything else you can think of) would help.  Thankyou.

Subject: Re: Game Questions From The 90's

Written By: Meltd0wn on 04/11/04 at 07:47 p.m.

I tried to think of things that most would find obscure, hope you can use some of these.

What was the name of the City, where the show Reboot took place?

What was the name of Enzo's dog in Reboot?

What was the name of Megabyte's sisters name?

What game did Bob have to beat Phong at before he would answer Bobs questions?

Muppets Tonight:
Who was the first guest on Muppets Tonight?
Michelle Pheiffer

Name the Elephant and King Prawn Duo?
Seymour (the Elephant)
Pepe (King Prawn)

Who is the Host of the show "Muppets Tonight"?

Who played the main character "Sydney Bloom"?
Lori Singer

What is the name of the Mysterious Organization that tries to steal the VR-5 technology from Sydney?
The Committee

What was the name of the main character in the TEKWAR series?
Jake Cardigan

What year in the future does the TEKWAR series take place?

Name the 4 movies that lead to the tv series? (bonus points name the dates?)
Tekwar - (Jan 17, 1994)
Teklords - (Feb 14, 1994)
Teklab - (Feb 21, 1994)
Tekjustice - (May 9, 1994)

Who Wrote the books, Directed the movies, and even appeard in the movies?
William Shatner

White Dwarf:
What was the name of the planet?

What are the two different types of the planets inhabitants called?

What is the name of the Medical student assigned to the planet?
Driscoll Rampant

Subject: Re: Game Questions From The 90's

Written By: woops on 04/11/04 at 08:01 p.m.

Some I'll add:  :)

Beavis & Butt-Head:

1. What's the name of their PE teacher?
Coach Buzzcut

2. Who is Beavis' alter ego when he gets hyper?

"Ren & Stimpy":

1. What's Mr. Horse's catch phrase?
"No Sir, I Don't Like It"

2. What brand of kitty litter does Stimpy use?
Gritty Kitty

Subject: Re: Game Questions From The 90's

Written By: Chrisrj on 04/12/04 at 02:05 a.m.

Beavis & Butthead:
1.  Who created Beavis & Butthead?  (Mike Judge)
2.  What show did Beavis & Butthead first appear on?
(Liquid Television)
3.  Aside from the non-MTV appearances, what band logos commonly appeared on Beavis & Butthead's shirts?  (Butthead has AC/DC, Beavis has Metallica)
4.  What's the name of the Principal at Beavis & Butthead's school?  (Principal McVicker)
5.  What's the name of their school?  (Highland High School)

Ren & Stimpy:
1.  Where do Ren & Stimpy Live?  (Trick Question!  Their home varies in each episode)  Feel free to leave that one out.
2.  Who created Ren & Stimpy?  The answer's in ().
    A.  (John Kricfalusi)
    B.  Danny Antonucci
    C.  Mike Judge
3.  In the opening scenes of each Ren & Stimpy episode, what cartoon does each clip come from?  
    A.  The Boy Who Cried Rat
    B.  (Big House Blues)
    C.  There was no such cartoon.
4.  What is Ren's cousin's name?  (Sven Hoek)

Family Guy(1999)
1.  Who created Family Guy?
    A.  Matt Groening
    B.  Seth Green
    C.  (Seth MacFarlane)
2.  Which is the name of the Griffins' first-born child?
    A.  Stewie
    B.  Chris
    C.  (Meg)
3.  In Season 1 and some of Season 2, where did Peter Griffin work? (at a Happy-Go-Lucky toy factory)
4.  How many times as of 2004 has Family Guy been referenced in The Simpsons?  (twice)

Video games
1.  This was a 24-bit console, the first and only of its kind.  Games were made for it from 1990-2002.  What is the name of this game console?  (Neo-Geo)
2.  What is the name of Sega's mascot?  (Sonic the Hedgehog)
3.  What is the name of the first game that pitted Nintendo-exclusive characters against each other?  (Super Smash Bros.)
4.  What arcade game featured digitized fighters, and what was the company's name?  (Mortal Kombat, Midway)
5.  Name the NES game from 1992 where enemies fall inside egg-shells, causing little Yoshi's to pop out.  (Yoshi)  reword it if you want.
6.  Who composed the music for many Super Mario games, including Super Mario World?  (Koji Kondo)
7.  How many Final Fantasy games, including the spin-offs, were there in the 90s?  (14)  Final Fantasy, IIUS, IIIUS, 7, 8, 5(on FFAnthology), Mystic Quest, Tactics, FF Legend I-III, FF Adventure.
8.  What was the last console to be released in the 90s?  (Sega Dreamcast)

1.  In what song was this line heard:  "...and he hit me with a surprise left..."?  (Pearl Jam, 'Jeremy')

Feel free to add to these.

Subject: Re: Game Questions From The 90's

Written By: woops on 04/12/04 at 02:33 p.m.

'90's Music Videos:  :D

1. Which Foo Fighters video parodied Mentos commercials?
"Big Me"

2. Who directed Beastie Boys "Sabotage", Weezer "Buddy Holly", and Bjork "It's Oh So Quiet"?
Spike Jonze

3. Which actor appeared in Paula Abdul's 1991 video for "Rush, Rush"?
Keanu Reeves

4. What show did Weezer appeared in on their 1994 video for "Buddy Holly"?
"Happy Days"

5. Who directed Michael Jackson's 1991 video for "Black Or White"?
John Landis

6. What's the name of the actress who appeared in Warrant's 1990 video "Cherry Pie"?
Bobbi Brown

7. Which Nirvana video featured a cameo of Kurt Cobain's daughter Francis Bean Cobain?

8. What Madonna video was banned in 1990?
"Justify My Love"