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Subject: JMicheal Bolton/;prevent child abuse

Written By: john Patrick Jewell III on 4/26/2000 at 1:39 p.m.

91-9 College Radio Message Board Re: What do you think people? Monday, 24-Apr-2000 15:46:27 http://www.mgouras.com/index.html#How To Find Us INTERSTATE CUSTODY CASES

Civil verses Criminal Cases

The abduction of children by strangers is a police matter. Private attorneys are usually not involved in the recovery of children who are abducted by strangers.

In Washington state, the abduction of children by a family member or parent can also be charged as either a felony or a misdemeanor, depending upon the circumstances. While the police may very well be involved, it is essential to hire an experienced family law attorney to handle the recovery and return of the children. If the court does feel that an emergency exists, it does have the authority to take charge of the children to protect them. In general, this authority continues until it is shown that the other state has made adequate provisions to protect the children. INTERNATIONAL: CCJA and the Parental Kidnaping and Prevention Act ;Statutes designed to determine the jurisdiction where a matter will be heard.

Deciding Which State Will Hear The Case We live in a highly mobile society. It is very common after a divorce that one parent or the other will move to another state for better opportunities. Prior to the enactment of uniform statutes, there was frequently a battle to decide which state would hear the case when the two parents lived in different states. The Parental Kidnaping and Prevention Act (PKPA) The PKPA is a federal statute that is applied nationwide. This statute takes precedence over all state statutes and laws on this issue. In my case the mother took custody and the stranger on their birth certificat is a serbian.(This was going on in kosovo:where they would have prefered to kill the child rather than give the child over to its father of ethnic minority!)Enforceing the (LAW) internationally would set precidenct exactly in an area we stuck blindly to most (I at least knew what we did in Kosovo;{you could not say the same}but justly as we wil now proove.Romania is finally takeing my child parentkidnappeing case seriously and its been a ten year haul