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Subject: What can we call the 90s?

Written By: CosmicGirl2000 on 1/12/2000 at 2:45 p.m.

I've been thinking about this for awhile now, but what does everyone think the best word is to sum up the 90s? The 70s were psychadelic, the 80s were materialistic, and the 90s in my own humble opinion were: Eclectic. There were was such a diversity in different musical genres, movies, and fads that it is hard to even categorize the decade because it was so diverse. But, I certainly think it was eclectic. I mean, look at VH-1's Top 90 videos of the 90s and you will definately see what I mean. You have Paula Abdul smack dab in the middle of Prodigy and Nirvana, The Spice Girls next to Bjork, Tool back to back with Mariah Carey, Sir-Mix-Alot side by side with Soundgarden, I mean, just look at that diversity! While the 80s were definatley a sunshiny, bubblegum-popesque decade, the 90s were without a doubt alot more darker, even along the lines of sinister, but had a ton of great moments in pop culture and history. It probably explains why I'm so weird and diverse in my personal tastes: I was a child of the shiny, happy 80s and a teenager in the sleek, serious, yet sinister 90s!

Peace, Lori

Subject: Re: What can we call the 90s?

Written By: angela on 1/14/2000 at 2:03 p.m.