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Subject: Steven Seagal movies

Written By: tekkno_bwoy on 05/21/04 at 1:34 am

>:(  Steven Seagal movies of the early nineties were soooo lame! I can point out a few meanings to describe the reasons for his silly, middle class, action flicks.

1.  In EVERY movie, he looked the same, talked pretty much the same(usually like a "tuff guy"), and did just the same...KILL KILL KILL!!!  ;D

2. EVERY movie was basically the same title format...i.e., STEVEN SEAGAL IN: "Out for Justice", "Marked for Death", "Hard to Kill", "Under Seige", "Out for Coffee", "Doing the Dishes", "Taking a Dump", "Keeping that Glazed Ham for Hansom", "Gains the Fat".... ;D sorry, improvising can be cruel.

3.  Look at him in the movies.  Even back then, he looked like a Mr. Potato Head dude...plopping and pouncing around on the "usual" miscreants...i.e.,  drug dealers, pimps, hustlers, prostitutes, killers, murderers, thugs, hoodlums, banshies, businessmen, robbers, parents, secret agents, witnesses, aliens, Russians, Americans,...the list goes on. 

4.  To reiterate about Seagal looking the same in all his movies, the worst movie prop he carried with him, was that stupid ponytail. I mean, in his movies, he aways has that ponytail, no matter what his character is.  He doesn't even change his facial appearance for any movie.  He ALWAYS looks he got plastic surgery to make his face perma-frown.  >:(

5.  He's always the "good guy" with the attitude and a crap load of firearms too.  What little boy, or adolescent back then, wouldn't dream of but to learn alot from this "super hero" influence.  Yeah, teach little children and preteen boys all about guns, fighting, killing, and's the American thing to do.  I didn't like any of his flicks, so I guess I wasn't that cool.  It's just because to me, they were boring and too predictable.  So typical Mr. Seagal.  ;D

Today's movies dwarf Seagal movies like a tidal wave.  I just recently watched "Out for Justice" and sat back, and marinated on how a dumb, stupid movie like this could of ever been a top ten big budget movie back in 1991.  I never liked that movie when it was popular, but it was raining one day and I decided to rent a Seagal movie because I saw an impersonator playing a really fat Seagal on Mad T.V. the night before. I hated the movie so much I loved it.  I couldn't stop laughing at it!  So cheesy, but yet it one of the funniest movies I've seen.  So I bought it.  So, if you agree with me, or disagree...throw it ito the mix... 8)

Subject: Re: Steven Seagal movies

Written By: FussBudgetVanPelt on 05/21/04 at 7:08 am

Well, your point 4 more or less sums Seagal up for me... ;)

Subject: Re: Steven Seagal movies

Written By: LyricBoy on 05/21/04 at 12:02 pm

It appears that Seagal is not really a tough guy in real life.  When he got into trouble with his mob-connected manager or agent, he ended up spilling his guts to the cops.

In his movies he would have just gone over and beat the snot outta those guys.

Subject: Re: Steven Seagal movies

Written By: Elizabeth.xox on 08/02/07 at 11:57 pm

If I was a male actor ...sean hayes

Subject: Steven Seagal movies

Written By: Dude111 on 03/03/18 at 12:13 pm

I love his first 2 movies!!!!!

1) Above The law - 1988
2) Hard to kill - 1990

The 3rd one is OK also but not as good as the 2nd!!

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