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Subject: 90s Pop Music was the best

Written By: Trimac20 on 03/09/05 at 8:26 pm

In what ways do you think pop music in the 90s differs from that we hear today? For one, I think the dance music craze really picked up around 93' with Fatboy Slim.etc, while hip-hop rap was not as much in the mainstream (which mean't it was better). The dance-trance thing probably peaked around the turn of the millenium and has since died down a bit. Metal and heavy rock are also less heard on the airwaves than today, 'Indie' style popular rock typlified by Third Eye Blind, Blur.etc is also evolving.

Compared to 1995, I think we're getting alot of so called 'alternative' music; mainly thinly disguised pop, R&B Hip-hop but a strange dearth of 'hardcore' rap (Eminem does not count) with a smattering of up and comers. Does anyone have any predictions.etc for the next few years?

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