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Subject: Did Anyone Watch The All That Reunion Last Night On Nickelodeon?

Written By: ThaSlickerNick on 04/24/05 at 7:01 pm

I thought that it was pretty good, too bad all the original cast members couldn't be their, I mean they cant bring back all of them, but it was still a good reunion. The old All Thats were better.

Subject: Re: Did Anyone Watch The All That Reunion Last Night On Nickelodeon?

Written By: bj26 on 04/25/05 at 11:03 am

We wanted to see it sooo bad but had to leave, only saw the first Goodburger scene.  Was that Josh, the old man, it was hilarious ;D  Did the whole show have the old stars still doing their original acts, if so, they are even funnier today!

Subject: Re: Did Anyone Watch The All That Reunion Last Night On Nickelodeon?

Written By: 90s boy on 04/29/05 at 4:59 pm

i stoped watching all that when they stared to change the cast members i like the old all that from the mid 90's

Subject: Re: Did Anyone Watch The All That Reunion Last Night On Nickelodeon?

Written By: ChrisBodilyTM on 05/01/05 at 4:48 pm

Season 6 was the last great season of this once-great classic series. The reunion could have used less new guys and maybe even adding Every single cast member from 1995 to 2000. It was supposed to be their turn to shine, not the new cast; they weren't the ones reuniting. Why reunite if you've never separated?  ::)

I would have boycotted Nickelodeon and/or Dan Schneider if the 10th Anniversary Good Burger had not starred Kel Mitchell as Ed; only he could ever play the role great! If Kel Mitchell's performance as Ed is the Beatles, then Ryan Coleman's Ed is Vanilla Ice!  ;D That sketch was hilarious and it nearly brought tears to my eyes to see such legendary characters as Ed the Good Burger Guy (Kel  8)), Bernie Kibbitz (Josh Server's old man character), Lester Oaks Construction Worker (Kenan), and the other old characters. :)

Too bad Katrina Johnson, Christy Knowings, the Big Ear of Corn, Tricia Dickson, Zach McLemore, Alisa Reyes, and Angelique Bates, et al., were only seen in the Greem Room party that quickly turned into a "Trashin' Fashion'" skit. As much as I like Jamie Lynn Spears (because she's Britney's sister and all, and I think Britney's beautiful), I think that "Trashin' Fashion" could have been cut from the show.

It was great to hear what Kenan, Josh, Kel, and Danny had to say about the show's longevity. I knew that the show would be on for a long, long time, but as Kenan said, "I didn't think it was gonna be on this long!"  :D So true!... I seriously thought Nick cancelled it after Season 6.; they kinda cancelled it and "revamped" it as the monstrosity it is now.

I thought Nick could never get away with the Coach Kreeton sketch -- let alone the very suggestive Ashanti performance -- because Coach Kreeton proposed to his 19-year-old girlfriend. But it was great to see Coach Kreeton, Principal Pimpell (Whether or not the pimple was on the wrong side  :D I don't even remember, it's been so long), Detective Dan, Jack Campbell Fat Cop. It was just a big medley of classic characters that stole the show halfway.

What was Dan Schneider on when he decided to recruit Bow Wow -- Bow Wow!  :o  :\'( -- to perform the verse cections from the All That theme song? As much as I hate rap with a passion, I thought it was decent and respectful to the TLC original. The current female cast sang backup. And the new Vital Information looks like it might be really great once the season progresses, though Lori Beth and Danny did it best in their respective years.

Lori Beth and Josh are writing for the show this season, so I am looking forward to something as funny as -- or even funnier than-- last night's show. Check out my signature if you want the original series back.

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