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Subject: Lost Movies/TV Series

Written By: SkyLowLow on 04/25/05 at 8:29 pm

I figure this can be a place to talk about shows that everyone forgot about or willl never make it to DVD.

Exile - Disney

This was done in 1990 basically re-hashing some of the ideas in Lord of the Flies(sans Piggy) and then injecting some stereotypical characters. I remember the first (and maybe only?!?!) casualty was at the beginning of the short multi-part series that played on The Wonderful World of Disney.

Overall I have fond memories of this movie despite what some would consider a paint-by-numbers script and the inablility for the banter to sustain a lighter tone. Personally I find that being able to sit back with said material, knowing its main intention is to incite kernel popping, and still enjoy it is immeasureably satisfying.

This is definately one of those movies, and if you can do that as well I would definately recommend it.

Notable cast would be a teenage Corey Feldman playing a stoner.

I am pretty sure there were a couple of other

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