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Subject: BMX In The 90s

Written By: TeenFrom92 on 06/16/05 at 2:51 pm

Hey anyone old enough to remember BMX in the 90s? Personally i think the BMXs in the 80s were the best of all time, but there were some great ones in the 90s aswell & the early 90s was the last era for lite weight BMX bikes. Now they are making them way too heavy. With my old BMXs i was able to clear the topbar on the frame of another bike proped up with just a bunny hop & no ramp. I wouldn't be willing to even attept that on any of the new bikes. In the 90s i owned a 1992 Mongoose Expert Comp, cheap bike at the time & definatly not top of the line but it was lite as a feather & tough as nails. I also owned an early 90s Mongoose California Pro with the grey marble finnish. Also i remember the trick pegs back ten were way more practical because they didn't stick out as far & get in the way. I don't mean those long ones that just looked like a whole bunch of nuts welded together, i mean the round thick hollow ones but just heaps shorter than the ones now. I still kept all my old BMX Plus magazines from 1992. Man there where some sweet bikes back then, back then i dreamed of having a 1992 GT Performer with the black 6 spoke GT tuffs. Either that or a 1992 GT Pro Freestyle Tour Team *drool*. I also had my eye on a 1992 Haro Edge that was at my local bike shop at the time which is no longer around. Man that was an incredibly lite bike though. Less weight= more air. Nowadays i  own 2 retro bikes, a late 80s GT Interceptor & a very early 80s Mongoose Supergoose with black tuffs which was in the 1983 Australian movie BMX Bandits. What BMXs did everyone else own & ride in the 90s?  Early to mid 90s i mean, not 97 or 99  because those bikes are just as sh*t as what's out there now.

Subject: Re: BMX In The 90s

Written By: MagnumPI on 07/13/05 at 10:31 am

who can remember the movie RAD :)

Subject: Re: BMX In The 90s

Written By: sbs on 07/18/05 at 5:57 pm

Dude, I'm with you on the sheesh bikes of today. I've been ridin my Dyno GT for years now. The reason I'm here though, is because I just picked up and early 80's Mongoose California! Man I was happy as hell. Problem is, it's one of those deals where frame and forks are goose, everything else is kids piecin bikes together. The frames in great shape, so now I'm tryin to see if i can track down some OEM parts. Any ideas? If you do, email me at Thanks.

Subject: Re: BMX In The 90s

Written By: MagnumPI on 07/19/05 at 8:06 am

i have a mid 90s dyno (been throuh hell) but it still jumps great  :)

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