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Subject: What happened to Converse One Star shoes?

Written By: Cafe80s on 11/10/05 at 8:45 am

Hey anyone remember the low cut suede Converse One Star shoes you could get between the early to mid 90s? What the hell happened to those, because i can't find a pair like them anywhere here in Australia anymore. The ones i have seen nowadays have been changed to be more modern & they look totally gay as f*ck. Now insead of just the white sole on the sides & the white star on the side of the shoe they are all multi coloured, like bright blue on part of the white sole & the star will be bright blue to match. Also if they happen to be a bit more plain like the older ones from the 90s they'll have One Star imbroided on the side of the shoe under the white star & a Coverse One Star label sewn  onto the top of the tongue which they never originally had. This totally sucks donkey d*ck. I wore nothing but the One Stars in the early to mid 90s & i want another pair. Can anyone help me out, especially if you are from Australia?  I've already tried the Converse site but they don't have the oldschool style plain black & white.

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