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Subject: The 1990's, how we went very very very wrong, and how it was repaired

Written By: The_Plague on 01/06/06 at 7:29 am

Scenario: reflecting on the damage done to popular culture and fashion in Australia and possibly the world over through the dark age of the early 90's.

I'd hardly call the 90's an amazing time for anything really.
We threw the "How to produce good music" book out the window the second it turned 1991, we forgot how to dress till the later half of the decade, most of the music made up unitl 1997 is now so laughably dated because we threw away the "How to produce good music" book and didn't pick it up till then, thank Nirvana for that one.
Unfortunately, the 90's were a time of self assured wankercism.
Not only were the teens of the early 90's for the most part moronically fashioned and without anything remotely resembling style, they felt the need to piss on most other decades and fashions that has come before them.
Its traigc to still see them getting around, flannelette, listening to nirvana, moronic really.
Sadly, some of these pathetic losers see fit to populate our pubs and nightclubs world over and request songs like Ace of Base and re-mixes of The Pet Shop boys, tremble in disgust if you will.  >:(
How fashion was ever entrusted to these tossers has me dumbfounded, it took the teens of the late 90's years to get it back on track after thes idiots had dictated a whole heap of ugly sheesh into popular culture.
The outed pastel colours, they introduced a sheesheload of earth tones to the clothing repetoire and destroyed formal dressing.
They encouraged poorly produced music of little substance, classed soem new kind of girl chant as rock and metal and dsireagarded the efforts of Leppard, Crue, Jovi and others because that sheesh was "so 80's".

Fast Forward to 1999...
The destroyers of popular culture were now too aged to thankfully have any more influence on what was indeed poular, that had been entrusted toa  new generation, thankfully, this occured abuot the same time some people were saying "man, the 70's would have fudgeing rocked......."
Bickity Bam, a style is born, 90's fashion is sent where it should be, the bin, and people begin to re-create the 70's fashion scene all over again, there were safari suits, denim boots, body shirts hit hard and hit with avengeance.
No longer were mini vehicles all the fashion, people were buying funked out 70's mobiles with gigantic gas guzzling V8 engines to use what little of the leaded fuel we had left up (the supply would dry up 2 years later).
No longer were parties suppressed of fun and open fashion (damn you earth tones and flanno >:( ) but people were dancing again as the teens of the early 90's faded into obscurity, and with them their sheeshty attempt to create a fashion legacy.

2001 "Dude, is that a wristband?
As the 90's ended, a new era dawned, with it many new challenges for what was fashion and culture, the 70's revival was starting to come to its end, and a new mantra would be required, the late 90's teens were now aged around 17 and having seen the end of the 70's culture revival, looked to create a style all of their own, and through the records they they would amke popular through purchasing, stood at the forefront to dictate what woudl truly define this part of the early 00's in years to come.
Unfortunately things did not go smoothly to begin with, their was little major music revolutionism going on at that point in time, many 80's artists were giving it another throw, some more successfully than others, then this other genre reared its head that had kept it down low for quiet a while, some little punks......
Good Charlotte et all and a heap of other "punk" (some use the term loosely with god charlotte anyway) were made millionaires by their embracement by the teens of the early 00's, rock/metal was hitting back again with System of a Down and Iron Maiden had come back in a big way with "Brave new World" which encouraged many to grab the entire Maiden 80's back catalogue.
Fashion wise, the bullseye was not hit, there were a heap of shirts etc with crap scrawled all over the and not much else, some fo it hit the mark, but most of it is now kinda "oh my f&*&^*& god that is fudgegin awfull"

Is,is,is that a 70's band? (2003)
The Darkness (apparently a musical joke according to some) came to re-define the youths return to loving the studio enhanced rock the teens of the early 90's disregarded in favour of grunge.
This also came to trigger another mini 70's revival, of lesser tones, tight jeans, tight shirts of semi modern variety were cool again, the fashion mark had been bullseyed.

A pink shirt, a grey belt, cream shoes, aviators and a striped wristband, is it the 80's? (2004)
The departing shot at culture from the soon to be not teens of the late 90's was one of pure genius.
Kind of a merger between 70's and 80's fashions, it created a fashion world ere they could both co-exist, and indeed, exist combined together.
I personally remember the pink shirt craze, having decided to "do it" before it became popular after watching an episode of miami vice. (I wore a pastelish pink long sleeved shirt to a edding under a cream suit)
Thankfully its a craze thats still with us to this day, and one that gets constantly updated, yet I maintain three things:
1) It was my idea before anyone elses  ;D , (yeah right, lol)
2)The "cheaper" pink shirts achieved more by being without lgoso than the expensive ones
3) Craig Wing shoudl stop wearing striped ones

The fashion bullseye hadn't jsut been hit, it had been redefined, the goal posts moved further back and the bar raised for future generations.
The time of the late 90's teen was over, now turned 20.
The future had been turned over to newer teens who will go on to dicatate theri versions, hopefully keeping it as good as the late 90's teen did, and not forever screwing it up like the early 90's teen.
So far thy have been shooting very well, very well indeed.......

Pastels? Earth Tones? Tight Jeans? Huge Blet Buckles? Metal music? 80's bands making it again, can all this co-exist???

A chapter for another time...............

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