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Subject: What's This Song?

Written By: coco_pup on 01/25/06 at 12:44 am

I got this song in my head that I just can't seem to get out it's a ballad and sung by a male and I think it might be an 80s or a 90s tune and possibly by an group maybe an Australian band.  I really like this particular tune however, I only know these lines from the song:  "I WANT SOMEONE/GIVE ME SOMEONE AND I'LL FIND THE WAY" ...  It's totally stuck in my head I think these lines are part of the chorus of the song this is all I know from the song but I can tell you this that the part in the song that goes, "I'LL FIND A WAY" the emphasis is on the word WAY and is placed on the syllabus, "WAY-Y-Y-Y-Y".

That's all I know unfortunately, so I hope this helps. 

If anyone can has any ideas  about what this mysterious song is called and who sings  can you please  e-mail me if you would prefer to.

Kind Regards,

Ellie :-)

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