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Subject: 1993 Super Storm

Written By: Roadgeek on 04/11/06 at 2:24 pm

Does anyone remember the Super Storm Blizzard of March 1993? I do. I was 3 years old. It was on Saturday, March 13, 1993. The blizzard struck and knocked out our power for a day. I spent the night at my grandmother's house 2 houses up. She had power the entire storm. Also, our local CBS affiliate WFMY 2 was knocked off the air for awhile. I think also the NASCAR race in Atlanta that Sunday was canceled. I think the storm stretched from Florida all the way up to New England. But it was more like a hurricane in Florida I think.

Subject: Re: 1993 Super Storm

Written By: mach!ne_he@d on 04/11/06 at 7:23 pm

Sure do. :)

I woke up that morning(3/13/93) upset because the power was out and I couldn't watch my cartoons ;D. I was 5 going on 6 at the time. It was the first time I'd ever seen snow down here in Georgia.

Subject: Re: 1993 Super Storm

Written By: twistedwarp on 04/11/06 at 8:03 pm

yeah i remember . i remember it well beacuase when me and my dad opened the  front door after the storm died down. the snow covered the whole door entrance. like a white blanket lol. but our power never went off lucky us.

Subject: Re: 1993 Super Storm

Written By: jersey_bwoy2078 on 04/13/06 at 9:01 am

I wasn't back east in March of that year, we had just moved back to Idaho from New Jersey in 1992 (I was 14 then), but that reminds me of when I was 7 in the winter of 1985-86 when we first came to Idaho in the military.  I had never seen snow before because most of my early childhood was spent in Panama (where there IS NO snow).  We had gotten over 5

Subject: Re: 1993 Super Storm

Written By: Tony20fan4ever on 04/18/06 at 9:37 pm

Yeah, I remember the 1993 Super Storm....we got plenty of snow in Atlantic City. Everything was closed down, even the buses stopped running.

Subject: Re: 1993 Super Storm

Written By: SpaceHog on 04/19/06 at 7:10 am

In Nantucket, three fishing boats either ran aground or sank. we got 4 feet of snow. good sledding.

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