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Subject: "Daria"

Written By: coco_pup on 04/27/06 at 6:46 pm

I love cartoons I wish they would release Daria, Beavis and Butthead series and make a proper pilot episode for Family Guy? It be nice if Daria episodes were available. You can get the Daria Movies but why won't they release the series? Anyone agree with me? I think they should as I'm a fan and all.

You can get every other show so whynot Daria or Beavis and Butthead? 

Subject: Re: "Daria"

Written By: Sister Morphine on 04/27/06 at 6:48 pm

I loved Daria.  Probably because the both of us are a lot a like, even down to the annoying little sister.

Subject: Re: "Daria"

Written By: quirky_cat_girl on 04/27/06 at 6:58 pm

I know on our cable we have a station called "The N"....I think it is Noggin....but during the day it shows kids shows and later it shows teen shows...anyway, I believe they still show Daria episodes.

Subject: Re: "Daria"

Written By: velvetoneo on 04/27/06 at 7:15 pm

My friend's dad is the creator of Daria...the character is actually based on him.

Subject: Re: "Daria"

Written By: Trimac20 on 04/27/06 at 7:55 pm

I watched Daria every afternoon after school...and I know someone who speaks and acts exactly like the character of Daria. The show was interesting because it showcased 90s hipsters and modern-beatniks, and was geared towards older kids and teens.

Subject: Re: "Daria"

Written By: coco_pup on 04/27/06 at 11:08 pm

I have all the episodes except for the pilot and the one called See Jane Run.  I wish they'd release it and Beavis and Butthead also which had Daria in a few episodes prequel to her own show Daria that's why I want to see Beavis and Butthead. If anyone can tell me where I might be able to find Daria or Beavis and Butthead episodes or if anyone has these episodes and wouldn't mind making me a copy please let me know please e-mail as I'm definitely interested.

What do you guys think about my idea for making a better pilot episode of Family Guy? One that actually introduces all the characters you know.  (my fav show at the moment too - FAMILY GUY ROCKS!!!!)  The satire and irony is just so original and I adore Stewie! 

Kind Regards,


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