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Subject: Rank the '90s from Favorite to Least Favorite

Written By: 5.19.86 on 05/05/06 at 6:27 pm

Rank each year of the '90s from your Favorite to Least Favorite Overall

1: 1995 (Always been my favorite.  My life as a child was at it's absolute peak at this time.  Everything was great socially and pop-culturally. The year revolved mostly around the "OJ Simpson Trial", but thankfully I managed to ignore it completely.  This was the year that I spent the most time spending the night over friends houses, playing Video Games on the Weekends, having fun watching MTV.  Everything was perfect in 1995)

2: 1994 (Such a Great Year overall.  It was alot like 1995 for me now that I think back to it. I consider 1994 to be the Greatest Year Ever for Movies.  The Music wasn't nearly as good in 1994 as it was in most of the other '90s years though. This was also the year I broke my leg (January 6th to be exact), but it was no biggy.  I ended up Breaking my same Leg again about a year and half later in 1995)

3: 1992 (Great Year for Music and Television.  Also it was my first year of playing in the "T-Ball" League.  At the time I was only 6 and had no knowledge of Baseball at all, so my first year of T-Ball wasn't that fun for me, but looking back at it, I appreciate it alot more. I actually have this very vivid memory from 1993 of me saying to myself how 1992 was such a "Quick" year, while 1993 was a "Slow" year.  It just seems like 1992 flew by so fast)

4: 1993 (Another great year for Music.  Not so great for Movies.  This was the year I began watching "Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers", and 1993 also marked the first time I ever kissed a girl  :), 1993 was the year I started 1st Grade, and that was such a fun Grade for me, it was so easy, Especially compared to all the other Grades, which made 1993 a fun year for me)

5: 1997 (Sure, this year gets alot of flack, but not from me.  I had such a great time in 1997.  The majority of the year was spent with my new Babysitter who had 8 Cats.  It was crazy, but I remember it all like it was just yesterday.  I remember she took me swimming at the school pool during the summer, we would go out to eat at restaurants and we would listen to the Radio together all the time in her house. I'm sad thinking about this actually because later on that year, my Mother had her stop babysitting me because my mother thought she was too "Weird", so my best friend's parents started Babysitting me up until I turned 12.  The reason it makes me sad is because I was brainwashed into believing that my old babysitter was weird and I remember me and my friend would make fun of her behind her back, and one time she came up to me around christmas and told me she was Sorry for anything she ever did to make my mother not want her to Babysit me anymore, and right after she said that and left, me and my friend made fun of her once again.  I never saw her again after that and I feel horrible today looking back on it, I really loved her alot as a babysitter, we had great times together in 1997  :-1996 (This was a Relaxing year.  Nothing really special though about it.  We had to deal with the "Macarena" during the majority of the year which makes it a bit annoying, but at the time i'll admit that I really liked the song.  I still remember how we had to learn the Macarena in Gym Class during the 4th Grade in '96.  It was so embarrassing.  But this year I remember spending alot of time with my friends, kind of like 1995.  Another thing that jumps out to me from 1996 was going to a huge Indoor Pool one time with my friend and they had a Radio next to the pool and the song "Change The World" by Eric Clapton came on alot of times, it was a very popular song at the time, and I remember how that song sounded kind of depressing to me, as if the Good times would soon leave us all. I also still remember watching the 1996 Summer Olympics this year where Keri Strug pulled off the miracle with the broken ankle and won the Gold for the USA in Gymnastics.  She actually ended up coming to my Elementary School later that year to do some Gymnastics for us  ;D, I actually got to sit at the same table as her when we ate lunch at school that day)

7: 1991 (I don't have really any memories of this year at all.  There are only 2 exact dates I can remember from 1991.  July 1st and December 25th.  On July 1st, we moved from our old house to our new house, and I remember Christmas of 1991 pretty well actually, almost like it was yesterday, which is strange considering how much of 1991 I don't remember.  I remember my cousin getting the new LL Cool J CD and a CD Player as a present and he was walking around the house rapping to the songs  :D.  But the reason I rank this year at #7 above some others is simply research.  Looking at the Pop-Culture and Music of the year, it wasn't that bad at all)

8: 1998 (I was thinking about ranking this year higher, but in reality, everything after August 1998 was downhill for me.  So only half of 1998 I really liked.  Especially the Summer which was when I got the Internet for the first time.  I still remember very well my first night on the Internet.  I was on it for approximately 10 Hours Straight and finally ended up going to Bed around Noon the next day and slept through the entire day  ;D.  The Summer Nights of 1998 were special for me.  I remember being on the Internet in Chatrooms while watching "MTV After Hours" during the middle of the night and drinking Strawberry Milk, lol.  I'll never forget the constant Music Videos they kept playing on MTV After Hours.  Song such as "Iris" by Goo Goo Dolls, "One Week" by Barenaked Ladies", "Ghetto Superstar" by Pras, and "Flagpole Sitta" by Harvey Danger.  Those were the fun days)

9: 1999 (Not that bad of a year for me....errr...scratch that.  On a social level, this was the worst year of my life.  School went horribly for me, I had to spend a week during the summer at some Church Camp, where NONE of the teenagers there were even Christians, they all acted juvenile, and plus, I was the youngest person there.  I was 13 while most of the other people were around 16.  It was Hell for me, that one week.  However there were alot of good things from this year.  This was the first year I started watching Wrestling, which was fun.  Also I still remember this fun day I had on August 9th of that year where we spent all day at "Six Flags".  Overall, this year caused me more pain than pleasure)

10: 1990 (Surprisingly enough, I remember this year alot more than I remember 1991.  I remember this being a frightning year for me.  My Neighbor's house caught on fire and caused an uproar in the neighborhood. I also remember getting up in the middle of the night to get a glass of water one night and, I swear to god, a Ghost came from the corner of the hall, and said something to me.  He walked toward me and I freaked and ran into my room   I remember going over to my friends apartment next door all of the time and we would play NES and do other stuff.  But I'll tell ya, he was a Crazy kid.  He was always throwing a fit over something.  The last time I heard from him was about 10 years ago when his mother told my mother that he tried to strangle himself with a nintendo cord  :-\\.  Poor kid is probably dead by now.  Also, Pop-Culturally, this year was a downer, in my opinion)

Now you guys know my entire life in a nutshell  :D

How about you guys?

Subject: Re: Rank the '90s from Favorite to Least Favorite

Written By: Todd Pettingzoo on 05/05/06 at 6:51 pm

1994 (So much stuff, lol)
1996 (Great music, Maybe my second or third favorite year for music. Great movies. I was really late getting into the music craze and MTV and stuff, and this was year it happened. Also the year I entered High School)
1993 (Great music year, great movies. I went to a whole new school for 6th Grade. Probably my favorite christmas ever that year)
1995 (I originally hated this year, but looking back, I really like it, lol. My favorite year for music of the decade)
1997 (The last decent year for mainstream music, mostly great movies, but pop culturally so-so)
1998 (Mostly bad mainstream music, but a great year for movies, and I went to the movie theatre more times than any other year)
1999 (Really bad mainstream music, which continues to this day. Great year for movies, maybe the best of the decade. and my movie theater obsession of 1998-1999, going to them a lot, but pop culturally, a really dire year)

Subject: Re: Rank the '90s from Favorite to Least Favorite

Written By: Roadgeek on 05/05/06 at 9:13 pm

1. 1994: Best year of all! Television was great especially on Nick with great programming. I'll have to make a blog post on my blog about 1994 to full describe it.
2: 1993: The first year I fully remember.
2. 1995: Some what similar to 1994, but I started school in August of that year and I got my first computer in December of that year.
3. 1996: That was the year I started to get into roads a bit and computers.
4. 1997: Similar to 1997. Played a lot of games on the N64.
5. 1998
6: 1992
7: 1999
8. 1991
9. 1990

Subject: Re: Rank the '90s from Favorite to Least Favorite

Written By: jersey_bwoy2078 on 05/05/06 at 10:38 pm

I'm starting in order from 1990-1999(opposite from best to least).....seriously, the worst starts in '90 and the best ends in '99.

1990 - (Age 12) - The worst year of my life.  The music, movies, TV shows, all sucked.  Parents are talking about moving us back to Idaho from New Jersey in the next two years.  Start getting into band (playing clarinet, and eventually trumpet).

1991 - (Age 13) - Not any better.  Still trying to convince my parents NOT to move back to Idaho.  Start of my own personal depression.

1992 - (Age 14) - Moved back to Idaho in April, right after my birthday.  Depression continues 'til the summer.  Went to Texas for a family reunion.  Grade 9 sucked, but things were improving.  I was glued to the TV during the April 29th-May 1st LA riots.

1993 - (Age 15) - Grade 10 was alright, still in band (marching band).  Go back to New Jersey to visit friends at my parents expense ( was the least they could do after dragging me back here, away from all my friends).  Music was getting better, and the movies of all time for me were "Jurrasic Park" and "Demolition Man".

1994 - (Age 16) - Getting way better by this year.  Band is kicking @$$ and I get promoted to 1st Trombone in Jazz Ensemble.  I didn't listen to the radio much because it was saturated in that nasty grunge music.  I have my first rebound relationship with a girl who decided that she didn't want her current boyfriend... ::).  I didn't pay too much attention to the OJ event, for it bored me.  I go back to New Jersey, where I experience my first rave.  I go to Casper, Wyoming for Troopers Drum & Bugle Corps. for the summer.  Got my drivers liscense that dad gave me his old fishing car....a 1976 Ford Pinto. ;D------- :(

1995 - (Age 17) - Such a beautiful year for me.  Music in both commercial and underground techno were kicking tons of @$$.  Start thinking about college.  Was trying to go back to NJ for college, but it fell through.  Went to Portland for a week.  Went to Washington DC for the Close-Up program, and tried to sneak up to NJ.....didn't work. Got the internet in my school....FINALLY!!!  Became a drum major for marching band.  Took my ASVAB test in December.

1996 - (Age 18) - Awesome year!  Got ditched by my reinstated girlfriend at prom.  Had my first Solo at our district band competition.  Registered for college.  Laughed my @$$ off watching the capture of the Unibomber.  I graduate from high school.  Go to NJ again that summer....get back the same day (2 hours before) as the TWA Flight 800 disaster.  Watched the Atlanta Olympic bombing on TV.  Parents upgrade my old 1988 Mac 2600 with a HP computer for school.  Music was at the all time peak for my listening pleasure.  As a result of my ASVAB scores being so good, the Marines, Navy, and Army were on my jock about getting me to join up.  I turned them all down because I seriously wanted to go to college.  "Twister" and of course "Independence Day" were the big hits. 

1997 - (Age 19) - Ah yes....1997!  The year couldn't of started off any worse...with a freaking power outage for 8 hours while I was chatting to a hot chick in a chatroom.  I start college and find that I didn't fit in because that's just how I felt...rough first semester for me.  I start as a music major.....ended as a business associates major(in 2000)  I start smoking....and drinking (of course at college).  Shortly after all that, I quit smoking because I was to staff a youth camp up in Couer'd Alene, Idaho that summer.  I get into chamber choir and Madrigals at college...I end up as a tenor.  Sublime was filling my earhole all summer that year.  "Jurrasic Park The Lost World" and "Spawn" were the movies of the year for me.  I go back for semester two at college, and it turned out to suck, but oh well.  The year ended with my buddy having his car window busted out and half of his and my CDs stolen out of it.  I go back to NJ for a week.  House music was getting very disco-fabulous.

1998 - (Age 20) - Yay....I'm 20 years old, I got a cupcake with 20 candles on it and a 40 ounce of Old English from a few of my friends......awe... ;D How they made those candles fit on that cupcake, I will never know.  I went to California to hang out with a girl I met in a chatroom in 1997.....IT WAS EVERYTHING I THOUGHT IT WOULD BE.  The summer was sh!tty because I didn't get to staff at youth camp, because I had to work my summer job.  Music was just was blowing me away!  The summer time was cool because I was making mad cash and was hitting the dance halls and getting tons of phone numbers that year.  I went back to NJ...again.I also went on a road trip with some friends to North Carolina, because I wanted to attend there at NC State...never did, but the trip was fun.  Go back for semester three of college, and it's getting better there...I gain more friends.  Change my major to Business.  The year ended with me going to to Seattle to a rave.....nice! 8)

1999 - (Age 21) - Ok here we go.......I TURNED 21!!!!!.....but.....I spent my 21st birthday studying for a sociology test, so no drinky drinky for me. :-\\  I had my first legal drink a week later.  I was freaking out about the Y2K pandemic, because I didn't want my computer to screw up.I skipped classes all day to watch the Columbine Tragedy.  I went to California to see my sister.  I drank alot that summer.  Also took some summer school courses at college.  Went to Portland again, to another rave.  House, Jungle, Trance, Drum n Bass, and Hip Hop are just giving me feelings of euphoria!  I start attending local raves in Boise.  The summer couldn't be any better in '99.  Start my last year at college and I'm on top of the world.  I become an RA in the dorms and I drink even more because I got to conviscate the alcohol in the dorm rooms....ha ha ha!!! ;D  To end the year of 1999 I went Back to New Jersey and went to the Times Square to witness the year 2000 ball drop......OMG IT WAS FREAKING PACKED.....!!!!!

There it 90s life...hope you found it amusing. ;)     

Subject: Re: Rank the '90s from Favorite to Least Favorite

Written By: Trimac20 on 05/08/06 at 5:56 am

Of course how I remember and how much I like that year probably depends more on what was going on in my life, rather than how much I liked the society of that year. I wasn't much in tune with the times back then, so going on that;

1. 1996: We had a good teacher that year, which was a bonus, it was also the height of the Tazo/Yoyo fad craze. I fondly remember playing video-games that year.
2. 1995: Pretty much for same reasons as '96.
3. 1994: Basketball was the big craze in this year and into 1995, everyone was obsessed with it.
4. 1993: Overall pretty good year, possibly most nostalgic.
5. 1990, 1991, 1992: Not much to decide. I was young. Remembering being interested in Dinosaurs, Space.etc.
6. 1997: The beginning of the true 'late 90s.' I recall much of the music from this year. Also started using the net regularly, more in tune with technology.
7. 1998: Last year of primary school. Remember playing a lot of sports that year.
8. 1999: Started high school. A slightly traumatising experience, but really felt like a new era.

Subject: Re: Rank the '90s from Favorite to Least Favorite

Written By: Donnie Darko on 05/08/06 at 3:45 pm

1. 1996 - Good year. Personally wasn't excellent, but it's the only year of the "core '90s" I remember well.
2. 1990-1995: I don't remember 1990, 1991, or 1992 at all; don't remember 1993, 1994, and 1995 well enough to comment
3. 1998 - The best year of the late '90s
4. 1999 - Campy and stupid as hell, but I have a lot of good memories of 1999 :)
5. 1997 - I hated 1997. What a stupid year.

Subject: Re: Rank the '90s from Favorite to Least Favorite

Written By: 5.19.86 on 05/08/06 at 4:13 pm

1. 1996 - Good year. Personally wasn't excellent, but it's the only year of the "core '90s" I remember well.
2. 1990-1995: I don't remember 1990, 1991, or 1992 at all; don't remember 1993, 1994, and 1995 well enough to comment
3. 1998 - The best year of the late '90s
4. 1999 - Campy and stupid as hell, but I have a lot of good memories of 1999 :)
5. 1997 - I hated 1997. What a stupid year.

You must not like the '90s at all.  You're very pessimistic about the entire decade it seems.  Half of it you don't even seem to remember, and the half you do remember, you Hate..?

That saddens me Donnie  :-[

Subject: Re: Rank the '90s from Favorite to Least Favorite

Written By: velvetoneo on 05/08/06 at 4:19 pm

It's hard to rank...1990-1992 don't count because I don't really remember them.

1. 1995-I loved Pre-K and kindergarten, actually, and I loved what I did with my time then (watch VHS tapes, dance to Roy Orbison, watch Saved by the Bell with my babysitter, fawn over Clarissa Explains It All, be obsessed with space and dinosaurs)
2. 1999-It was actually a pretty fun year, pop culturally, to be alive, if you were 9.
3. 1994-Sort of ditto as 1995, though I don't remember it as well.
4. 1996-Similar to 1995, though I didn't like my last half of kindergarten and 1st grade.
5. 1998-Wasn't that bad, I made alot of friends and got into music that year.
6. 1993-Don't remember it well enough to say if I liked it as much as 1994 or 1995, but it was enjoyable.
7. 1997-Worst year of my life. I tried to kill myself and hated my teacher.

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