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Subject: "Oh, BURN!"

Written By: Ebontyne on 05/26/06 at 3:56 pm

When I was in junior high school ('95-'97) a lot of people used this slang expression. When one person mocked or humiliated another with a particularly nasty insult - or even just one-upped another in a string of "good-natured" insults - a third party would pipe in with "BURN!" Other times the individual who delivered the insult would say it as a way of declaring his victory. There was even a specific way of enunciating the word -- it was kind of a long drawn-out "buuuuuurn!"

Anyway. No one says that anymore, do they? And where the hell did it come from in the first place? I read somewhere that That '70s Show popularized it, but I could have sworn that people were using it far more often before that show even debuted. Thoughts?

Subject: Re: "Oh, BURN!"

Written By: velvetoneo on 05/26/06 at 6:45 pm

I remember that was used constantly along with "diss" when I was in elementary school in the late '90s, but it was definitely around before that.

Subject: Re: "Oh, BURN!"

Written By: Tia on 05/26/06 at 8:29 pm

ironically, in the 80s we used to say "aw, man, that's COLD," and it meant pretty much the exact same thing.

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