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Subject: "Save Tonight" - Eagle Eye Cherry (1998)

Written By: TGI90s on 06/13/06 at 7:52 am

The Music Video for this song is the most "Creative" i've seen.  It's awesome how every character in the music video turns out to be the same guy, it's like the entire video is one big Twist  ;D

Check it out -

I wonder exactly how they did that anyway.  It didn't look like they ever made a cut while filming it and it looks like one whole continuous shot, especially the part in the Deli

God, I love this song  8)

Subject: Re: "Save Tonight" - Eagle Eye Cherry (1998)

Written By: D.J. on 06/13/06 at 9:17 am

I always liked this song.  Just out of curiousity, is this guy a foreigner?  He sounds like he's British.

Subject: Re: "Save Tonight" - Eagle Eye Cherry (1998)

Written By: IWannaBeAGoonie on 06/13/06 at 9:49 pm

I always liked that song, too. I even bought the's quite good, IMO!
I haven't seen that video in ages..but it a fun one to watch, and yes, pretty creative, too.

I just remember that from day one listening to that song hit me 'right there', as my hubby is in the military..and heaven knows how many times I've felt just like he described it, even if it had nothing to do with our own lives.

I know he was born in Sweden, and that he is the younger brother of Nenah Cherry, who sang the song Buffalo Stance.  :)

I guess he's consdiered an Swedish American, as he lived in NY for a while too.  ;)

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