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Subject: The 'Apocalyptic' Element To The 90s Zeitgeist

Written By: Trimac20 on 07/04/06 at 4:01 am

Though the Greenhouse Effect etc. is better known now than in the 90s, it seems there was alot of activist 'doom-forecasting' in the 90s - melting polar caps, technology taking over, deforestation, nuclear war...though we're entering what could be a potentially - 'iffy' - period in world history, it seems in general people were more apprehensive/concerned about the future of the world, notwithstanding Y2K.etc. People seem to be more accepting, even apathetic today about it in the 90s - this is reflected in the media, etc. But I guess in the Scientific community concern has been elevated. I don't know, I might be barking up the wrong tree, but it's just an 'observation.'

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