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Subject: Playahitty

Written By: whistledog on 01/29/07 at 2:50 pm

Does anyone remember/like Playahitty?

They were a mid-90s dance group whom had 2 popular club favourites called "The Summer is Magic" and "1-2-3, Train With Me"

I was a BIG fan of "Train With Me" when it was popular, and I still love it! 8)

YouTube: The Summer is Magic
YouTube: 1-2-3, Train With Me

Subject: Re: Playahitty

Written By: Henk on 01/29/07 at 2:58 pm

I only know them from "The Summer Is Magic", which wasn't a very big hit over here (only reached #35 in 1995). And it's not one of my most favourite tunes of the era. Sorry. :-\\

Subject: Re: Playahitty

Written By: 80sTrivMeister on 01/30/07 at 4:48 am

"The Summer Is Magic" by Playahitty is one of my fave dance tunes from the 90s, Jason:

Subject: Re: Playahitty

Written By: DJ Midas on 01/30/07 at 7:40 pm

I have "The Summer Is Magic" on a remix service comp.  It's alright, but I've never heard it on dance radio or in clubs.  I honestly don't get a lot of play out of it neither - once in awhile during a 90's Euro/NRG set.

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