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Subject: I'm searching for fashion pics (1990 till 1997).

Written By: tnf on 03/23/07 at 12:41 am

I'm busy working on my nineties/zeroties flashback site. At the moment, I'm renewing the fashion collages.

I wonder if there are people who want to put pics in this topic with old streetstyle / (at that time) normal daily fashion from 1990 till 1997. Extreme catwalk stuff isn't useful for my site, it must look accessible. Has somebody got a scanner and some old magazines???

If you have something, please tell me the year and if it's spring/summer fashion or autumn/winter fashion. And if somebody has got interesting facts about 1990-1997 fashion, without putting pics in this topic, it's also nice.

These are the fashion collages I've renewed already, to make clear what I'm talking about:
1998 collage
1999 collage
2000 collage
2001 collage
2002 collage
2003 collage
2004 collage
2005 collage
2006 collage

To make this topic complete: These are the current versions of the other collages. I want to renew them.
1990 collage
1991 collage
1992 collage
1993 collage
1994 collage
1995 collage
1996 collage
1997 collage

If you want to help me: Thanks already!

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