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Written By: kbrow04 on 07/30/07 at 7:09 pm

1. I'm totally obsessed with finding out about the children's cartoon ROBOTICS-help | 07/31/2007 12:56am


Please help. It's a weird one.

Does anyone remember a TV cartoon (possibly a TV movie one-off) made in the 80s/90s called ROBOTICS? It was about a spaceship from earth that crashlanded and the survivors broke into two rival factions. They found robots on the planet who were unable to operate properly without human interface - and they were also in two rivail factions.

So it was called ROBOTICS.

Any help?

My expert googling has revealed NOTHING!

Subject: Re: ROBOTICS

Written By: Mark77 on 07/31/07 at 1:22 pm

Try "Robotix." I remember that cartoon and toy line. Pretty sure it was spelled with an X.

Subject: Re: ROBOTICS

Written By: joedeertae on 07/31/07 at 2:18 pm

Robotix, I believe is what your looking for...

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