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Subject: My Childhood

Written By: 90skid555 on 12/12/07 at 7:38 pm

I had a wonderful childhood. I had great toys and games not to mention all the great TV shows there were. I spent most of my childhood at my aunt’s house. Sadly she moved out in 2005 and now it’s abandoned waiting to be torn down anyway I used to go over there every summer and every Friday night and stay the weekend. I remember playing in the huge back yard kicking my soccer ball riding my bike through the yard sledding down the hill in winter. I also riding my skateboard down the driveway. I also remember all the Christmases there being in my room playing the original Playstation. I had games like Tony Hawks Pro Skater Driver and Driver
2 and I also had my Super Nes I had Kirby Superstar which was my favorite and Yoshis Island and Tetris Attack. My room was my favorite place I had all my toys in my closet and toy box I had Matchbox and Hotwheels I remember reading all my books on my bunk bed on the top bunk all night. I also remember in the mornings breakfast was Waffle Crisp or Oreos Cereal and on weekends my aunt would cook chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast I also remember when the original Pokemon was on my favorites were Meowth and Cubone to sum it all up I had a wonderful childhood and I wouldn’t trade it for anything I will always carry my childhood memories for the rest of my life.

Subject: Re: My Childhood

Written By: Davester on 12/13/07 at 5:05 am


  May you always remember... :)

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