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Subject: MST3K

Written By: Spirit of 76 on 03/09/08 at 11:50 pm

Does anyone remember the 90's show MST3K?

During the later half of the 90's when it came onto the Sci-Fi channel, this was THE tradition for Saturday night in our family. I usually would get a bag of Skittles or some other snack and then wait for the next installment of this funny show. Does anyone else like this show and if so what were some of your favorite lines\movies?

Considering how unique and popular it was back in the day, I'm surprised it isn't talked about more.

Subject: Re: MST3K

Written By: Tia on 03/10/08 at 8:16 am

i LOVE mst3k. i have more episodes on DVD than i care to admit.  :-[ there's a bunch of people who trade them through the mail and we all have a yahoo chat group where we just keep up with the mst3k crew and just talk smack.

they've actually all stayed busy. you know about the whole mike/joel thing? mike nelson went on to start a thing called "the film crew" with a couple of the other guys (the dude who did tom servo and the dude who did crow in the sci fi era) and also something called rifftrax. some of the rifftrax are funnier than others but i'm a big fan of film crew, good cheesy fun.

and meanwhile joel and trace beaulieu (my favorite from the old comedy central days) started something called "cinematic titanic" that looks quite good. i haven't ordered it yet, i keep meaning to.

[i totally remember "spirit of '76" grocery bags from when i was a little whelp, by the way.  ;D )

Subject: Re: MST3K

Written By: Zeb on 03/11/08 at 7:51 pm

I loved that show!! I remember watching it on Saturday Nights on CC and on Saturday afternoons, and mornings during the last two or three seasons when it was on SCIFI.  I used to have some episodes on VHS. 

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