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Subject: MTV schedules from 1994, 1997, & 1999

Written By: woops on 07/14/09 at 10:41 am

Three tv schedules of MTV from the 1990's: 1994, 1997, and 1999

Unfortunately, can't find listings from the '80's...and also can't find any from the early 1990's

1994 MTV schedule

WED. 12/14

6AM- MTV's Rude Awakening
7AM - The Grind
7:30 - MTV's Rude Awakening
9AM - MTV Blocks
10AM-MTV Jams
12N - Music Videos
4PM - The Grind
4:30 - Lip Service
5PM - The Real World
5:30 - MTV's Most Wanted Jams
6PM - Music Videos
7PM - Alternative Nation
7:30 - Yo!
8PM - MTV Unplugged: Bob Dylan (N)
9PM - Dumb & Dumber Movie Special (N)
9:30 - House Of Style: Best Of '94 (N)
10PM -MTV's Xmas With Mariah Carey (N)
11PM- Beavis and Butthead
12md-Alternative Nation
1:30 - MTV Dreamtime
3AM - Beavis & Butthead
3:30 - MTV Dreamtime

Honestly, I was more into Cartoon Network & Nicklelodeon at the time, which I can't really say much...

MTV schedule from 1997

October 14, 1997

6AM   Dawn Patrol
7AM   Morning Jams
8AM   Music Videos
9AM   Music Videos with Ananda Lewis
12PM  Authentic Reproduction ('80's music videos with original MTV bumpers)
12:30  Authentic Reproduction ('80's music videos with original MTV bumpers)
1PM  The Pinfield Suite (music videos)
2PM  M2 with Jancee Dunn (M2 preview/music videos)
3PM  MTV Probe (don't remember)
4PM  MTV Jams Countdown with Bill Bellamy
5:30 Live Show with Toby & Ananada
6:30  12 Angry Viewers (video commentary show with young adults)
7PM  Mattrock (don't remember)
8PM  Beavis & Butt-Head
8:30 Beavis & Butt-Head
9PM  Countdown to the 10 Spot with Toby
10PM  Countdown to the 10 Spot with Toby (David Bowie)
11PM  Countdown to the 10 Spot: series preview
11:30  Loveline (Call-in talkshow with Dr. Drew & Adam Corolla)
12:30  Singled Out (game show)
1AM  The Pinfield Suite (music videos)
2AM  MTV After Hours (music videos)

Actually somewhat OK though not much different than the one from 1994 (ie videos still mostly air during the dusk/morning to afternoon hours). For some reason, I'm probaby the only person who remembers "Authentic Reproduction". Though it only lasted a few months, it aired some music videos that weren't normally shown on regular MTV or VH1 flashback video retrospects.

Though by that time there was too much rap videos and a year before "TRL" came along (not to mention Spice Girls, Marilyn Manson, Hanson, and Oasis)...

MTV schedule in May 14, 1999
6:00AM  DAWN PATROL-- videos
7:00AM  MTV NEWS LINK-- news  
7:30AM  JAMS COUNTDOWN--videos
9:00AM  MUSIC VIDEOS-- videos  
11:00AM  ROCKS OFF -- videos
12:00PM  The Tom Green Show  (comedy, no T&A)
12:30PM  MUSIC VIDEOS--vidoes
2:00PM  MTV NEWS LINK--news
2:30PM  SAY WHAT?-- videos
3:00PM  Fanatic---television show (fans meet celebs, no t&A)
4:30PM  The Blame Game -- gameshow, some talk of sex
5:00PM  JAMS COUNTDOWN-- videos
6:30PM  The Cut -- musical performance competition  
7:00PM  MUSIC VIDEOS-- videos  
7:30PM  MTV NEWS 1515-- news  
8:00PM  SAY WHAT?-- videos  
8:30PM  Video Cliches -- videos  
9:00PM  TOTAL REQUEST LIVE-- videos  
10:00PM  25 Lame-- videos  
12:00AM  LOVELINE -- tv show, a lot of talk of sex, shown only
late night.  
1:00AM  YO!-- videos  
2:00AM  JAMS COUNTDOWN-- videos
3:30AM  MTV AFTER HOURS-- videos

My problem with MTV is that they play primarily the same videos all day

VH1 & MTV still play the same 15 current videos in rotation... though in the dusk hours (not sure about 1994)

About the 1999 listing:

Though I don't  remember much besides a bunch of shows, "Real World" marathons (same for '97 & '98), and not much music videos. Most of the 10 hours of music videos appeared to be from the dusk/morning. Then again, 1999 wasn't even a good year for music and MTV have already became a cesspool since 1998....

Ironically, if VH1, Fuse, or even Moronic TV itself did another special like "25 Lame", they'd trash videos from Limp Bizkit, Creed, Master P, Spice Girls, Backstreet Boys, Ricky Martin, and unfortunately from the pop princesses they'd ridicule Mandy Moore since a few are still popular/kissed upon.

Subject: Re: MTV schedules from 1994, 1997, & 1999

Written By: woops on 07/14/09 at 11:10 am

MTV timeline (though few might be inaccurate and facts were gathered from various sources)

(The 1980's: Music Television)

August 1, 1981: On 12:01 AM, MTV debuts. The Buggles "Video Killed The Radio Star" is the first video to air on the network. Pat Benatar "You Better Run" was the second...

The original VJs: Martha Quinn, Nina Blackwood, Mark Goodman, Alan Hunter, and the late JJ Jackson.

March 1, 1982: The "I Want My MTV" campaign begins. MTV merchandises goes on sale later in the year.

March 31. 1983: MTV airs Michael Jackson's "Beat It" & "Billie Jean" videos after being critized of not showing videos from African American artists.

September 14, 1984: The Video Music Awards made it's debut with hosts Dan Ackroyd & Bette Midler. The Cars' "You Might Think" won video of the year.

July 13, 1985: MTV presents a 17 hour coverage of Live Aid.

May of 1986: Downtown Julie Brown becomes first new VJ in 5 years, a month later Nina Blackwood & JJ Jackson leaves the network

"120 Minutes" (1986 to ? on MTV/cancelled around 2003 on MTV2) debuts later in 1986 that  aired alternative music videos from artists, most weren't mainstream.

1987: MTV expands their programming with music related shows with "Club MTV" (1987 to 1992), "Week In Rock" (1987 to 1998), and the game show "Remote Control" (1987 to 1990) that launched the careers of Adam Sandler & Dennis Leary. Reruns of "Monty Python's Flying Circus" & "The Monkees" are also shown.

"Head Bangers Ball" (1987 to 1994 on MTV/2003 to present on MTV2) also debut, which aired heavy metal/hard rock music videos.

August 6, 1988: "Yo! MTV Raps" (1988 to 1995) debut, which the genre becomes more mainstream years to come, hosted by Ed Lover and Dr. Dre (not the rapper) and Fab 5 Freddy

1989: Fashion based show "House of Style" (1989 to mid 1990's) hosted by Cindy Crawford debuts... though wasn't as bad compared to a certain show that would air a few years later also more non music related shows will follow in the nest decade

"MTV Unplugged" (1989 to ?) debuts later that year, which feature bands performing acoustic versions of their hits. Inspired from a VMA performance from Bon Jovi.

(Early/Mid '90's: Media Television)

1990: Madonna's "Justify My Love" music video gets banned. Though not the first, but probably the most infamous video to be banned from MTV.

1991: MTV debuts "Liquid Television" (early '90s), which featured animated shorts and introduced Aeon Flux and the nachos munchin' duo Beavis & Butt-Head. Wasn't music related, but "Adult Swim" wasn't around and animation was still considered "kids stuff" despite the wide appeal of "The Simpsons" (Fox) and "Ren & Stimpy" (Nickelodeon).

1992: MTV debuts "The Real World" (1992 to present), which is one of the first "reality" shows... Unfortunately this drek is still on the air, which "reality" tv became popular in the 2000's and the network hardly ever airs music videos.

1993: "Beavis & Butt-Head" (1993 to 1997), created by Mike Judge, gets their own show and also were also music videos answer to "MST3K".

Some time in the mid 1990's: MTV airing less and less videos...

...jump a couple years since there's nothing worth mentioning...

(1997 to present: Moronic Television)

1997: "Daria" (1997 to 2000) debuts, which is a spinoff of "Beavis & Butt-Head".

1998: "TRL" (1998 to 2008) debuts with dull host Carson Daly, which only air a minute of a music video with yelling teenyboppers interrupting the clip. MTV hardly airs any videos in their entirity.

I also started watching more VH1, which will later go downhill in a few years.

Sock puppet duo "Sifl & Olly" (1998/2000) debut and the third season was never shown  ...though could've been better on Comedy Central. Music videos aired during the dusk, the last time I checked they aired "Punk'd" about three years ago. Music videos are now rarely shown in the network...

2000: A vast cesspool of reality shows, spoiled rich teenagers,  and idiots doing dumb stunts...e)


2008: "FN MTV" variety show hosted by Pete Wentz..

2009: "AMTV" morning block (about 6 hours of videos per day) and MTV actually aired Michael Jackson videos in tribute of his passing.

Subject: Re: MTV schedules from 1994, 1997, & 1999

Written By: coqueta83 on 07/14/09 at 7:39 pm

The '94 schedule brings back memories...from the late night "Beavis and Butthead" to music videos on "MTV's Rude Awakening" before heading off to school in the mornings.  :)

Subject: Re: MTV schedules from 1994, 1997, & 1999

Written By: nally on 07/15/09 at 12:34 pm

The '94 schedule brings back memories...from the late night "Beavis and Butthead" to music videos on "MTV's Rude Awakening" before heading off to school in the mornings.  :)

I remember B&B, but only watched it once, at a friend's house. That's because I didn't have cable tv growing up...but I do remember watching various cable channels either at someone else's house, or in an establishment such as a restaurant. Also, I read TV listings frequently in the 90's, so it brings back memories for me too. :)

Subject: Re: MTV schedules from 1994, 1997, & 1999

Written By: woops on 07/16/09 at 12:09 am

I probably watched "Beavis & Butt-Head" (more likely 1995) though didn't watch MTV regularly until 1996/1997.

"The Brothers Grunt" was horrible, though liked/watched "Liquid Television", "The Head", and "The Maxx"

Subject: Re: MTV schedules from 1994, 1997, & 1999

Written By: joeman on 07/17/09 at 8:13 pm

I say right now I only miss Matt Pinfield, Alternative Nation, and 12 angry viewers.

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