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Subject: Early MTV Rants from 1996

Written By: yelimsexa on 08/19/09 at 8:46 am

THIS WILL BE A LONG POST, SO PLEASE READ CAREFULLY. Nostalgia just ain't what it used to be; you look back and think "hey I miss 1996, it was so much better back then!", only to find some old writings that things already have seen better days.

There is a Usnet group that still has some activity called "alt.mtv-sucks", where people post about MTV's displeasures.
Even though these posts on Usenet are 13 years old, people were already complaining about MTV here (even though some of you now WISH it was 1996!) But, here are some of those posts from that era:


MTV sux (COLIN KURFESS) writes:
>  I though that the "M" stood for Music?  So where is all the music?  
>  The only time I can stand watching it is around mindnight with
>  alternative nation, but then that is just repeats from the previous
>  nights.  What's with Road rules, My So Called Life, Beavis &
>  Butthead, Oddities, Sandblast, Singled Out, etc...?  I think MTV
>  needs to get back to their original concept, MUSIC.  Cut all the
>  commericals and stupid 1/2 hour shows and play videos that people
>  want to see.  They need to also add more variety.  Is it me or are
>  more people watching VH1?

"tv" is for moronic tv now.

I just sent this message to MTV programming.  Anyone else feel this way?

Yes, MTV DOES SUCK - 4/1/1996

I have never seen a bigger joke than this station.  At first, when it
played Rock 'N Roll, it was cool.  Something different, original, and
quite new for a change.  Ahh, but that fizzled out quite fast.  Sure
something other than music was nice every once in while to get your
mind off of it, such as Remote Control, but alas, MTV screwed that one
up.  Now, in 1996, MTV should be renamed to TVTV.  When was the last
time you saw a video?  It has been a RARE thing for me that's for
sure.  Now it's game show after game show, Jenny McCarthy (which can
stay) with Singled Out, tons of little special on whether or not Snoop
Poopey Doop has gone total preppy and non-violence.  Or showing how
respectable 2-Pack "Who should have his other nut cut off" Schcure (or
however the hell you spell it these days) to his 'bitches.'  This man
raped a women, and people still like, and all due to MTV.  Oh, I can't
forget Mr. Interesting himself, Kurt Loeder.  This guy practically
falls asleep in every interview, and he never shows any interest in
the person(s) he is talking to.
       I still dream of a future for StupidTV.  A world where the INCREDIBILE
UNREALNESS of the Real World continues on like the Jason movies.
Where Sandblast in shown every other 3 seconds rather than the 5 they
already play it on.  Then, if they EVER stop playing ONLY rap and
heavy metal, I would be completely beside myself.  The only thing that
should stay on the air at all costs is Beavis and Butthead (ALONG WITH
BEAVIS BEING ABLE TO SAY "FIRE"), and Singled Out, but only because
Jenny McCarthy is on there.  That Chris guy can just go jackoff in a
corner some where and not bother with her MANY talents.

Remember when MTV actually played Music? - 4/17/1996

What happened to the time when you could turn on MTV and
actually see a music video, now you can not enjoy the Music because they
never play any videos. Well maybe they do but it in the middle of the
damn night.! I just get sick and damn tired of turning on MTV and having
to watch the Real World or their lame Match maker shows. Can't I please
see some Videos?????????????
                               Mr. User

Music Television My ASS!!!!!!!!!!!!! - 4/8/1996 is not music. i cant turn the damn station on
and hear some fu(king music anymore. and on the rare occation
music is on its some no-talent rap!!! the only music i hear is
the 15 second chours part to ants marching (great song.

What happened to the "M" ?-8/2/1996

It doesn't help that the music they play sucks also.
>>The M lefted when PC(political correctness) came in.

I remember M2's old days, and it was quite good here.

M2's Programming 8/8/1996

Here is a letter I recieved from an intern working at M2,

---I am currently an intern working on the new M2 station.  Just to let you
know, M2 is strictly videos, 24 hrs. a day 4 days a week.  No
commercials, no interuptions.  As for the rumors about the dennis rodman
show and the Jenny show, as far as I know they will be aired on MTV.  I
know this because I also worked for the Development project.  I've seen
the schedule for M2, and so far the station is all videos. 
Interestingly, M2 has even gone so far as to play local bands videos and
give them some TV play.  There has also been some controversy about
having VJ segments, so MTV hired music-knowledgable VJs ONLY. (Pinfield
and Kosach)  These VJs are really amazing with their music background,
not like those other people who couldn't tell Rap from Country videos. 
Anyways, M2 has even limited the air play of these VJs, so as to not
upset the video-ites.  There are voice-overs throughout the channel, but
it is limited to every four or five videos.  So thats the scoop on M2,
and hopefully you could catch it on satellite.  It really is like the old
MTV, and I think it'll be a huge hit with those who thought and think MTV
is full of too much shows.---

Metal on the rise, and still no metal music videos on mtv -9/2/1996

Heavy Metal is declaired dead by MTV because so called "alternative rock"
is popular now. Just because "alternative rock" is popular doesn't mean
that people stoped listening and buying Metal. MTV knows that they are
wrong, they even went so far as to  call White Zombie a "alternative rock
band."  The people there are so ignorant. "The Great Southern Trendkill" by
Pantera is tearing up the charts and selling concert tickets like never
before. Still, MTV chooses to pretend that Metal was a thing of the 80's.
Also bands like Slayer, Sepultura, and Korn are ignored even though they
are getting world wide support. So, I guess what I'm trying to say is, MTV

Anyone see the MTV Awards?-9/5/1996

Anyone see the MTV Awards?
It was a helava lot better than last year!

But MTV still sucks because it has NO MUSIC!
only the top 10 videos that are selling millions. Only show worth watching
is 120 minutes.
At least you know WHEN it is on. (every Sunday night 12 mid.)
Matt Pittfield (the host of the show) is the only "VJ" that knows a "sheesh"
about music and the bands featured on his show.
The rest of it is crap.
Hell!!!!     The Advertisements are better than the videos they play!!!

>I happened to flip it on a bit, just to see what kind of losers that
were nominated..  The only decent band that I seen nominated was
Hootie and the Blowfish. The rest were one hit wonders and getto spoons.
But any other time I'm flipping past MTV, its always the same thing....
A bunch of jungle bunnies, with dreadlocks or corn rows in over-sized
clothes, looking greasy and smelly, chatting in that untalented rap
sheesh they try to call music.  And the ever famous one hit wonders.
You know who I mean.. The people that make it big with one stupid song
that usually gets played 50 million times till you are so sick of
hearing it that you want to choke the VJ/DJ the next time you hear it.
Then, you never here about them again.. There music career is over.
I hate that lame ass channel and just wish they would take it off the
air completely.  It used to be so good..  These kids today have no
idea what good music is.  And if they do, chances are they will never
see any of the good groups videos on MTV.  The kids watching this crappy
station will grow up and by then if MTV is still on the air, I just bet
they won't want their kids watching it.  Did you happen to see that
asshole from the Red Hot Chili Peppers start doing a strip show?
And what about the year Howard Stern came out and was Farting all over
the place?? Or how about the year Andrew Dice Clay did his wonderfull
comedy act.  Yeah, like I would want my kid running around repeating
what he said.  MTV is a no-class, non-talented, piece of sheesh show
that they should take off the air.  I hate it and the kids that
watch the sheesh should spend more time with there nose in a book.
If parents would not let their kids watch the crap, maybe the sheesh show
would fold!  But it shouldn't be much longer before it does fold all
together.  The M in MTV should stand for Mindless TV, because the people
that watch it are mindless, punk ass kids with the same IQ as a stick.

Get a life you MTV watching Lamers!!!


I just don't feel 1996 as a "truly nostalgic" year (I'm more of an '80s fan!), even though its distancing itself, I'm still finding these new rants from the era. At least in 1996, MTV still showed something WORTH WATCHING, even if well past its peak. It's scary now to think that 1996 is as far away today as 1983 (MTV's best year) was back then. Although looking at these old Usenet posts on Google Groups is pure '90s nostalgia to me. That usenet group was already cluttered with advertisements involving "make money fast" and even 900 number offers.  

Subject: Re: Early MTV Rants from 1996

Written By: woops on 08/19/09 at 10:10 am

I started watching MTV around that time and the only shows I lwatched/iked were "Beavis & Butt-Head", "Aeon Flux", "The Head", "The State", and even music videos. Though usually themed weekends and things like "MTV 500" or "Authentic Reproduction".

Also starting watch VH1, which aired more older music videos. Though edited (which I didn't realized until I saw some in their longer forms on MTV)

Subject: Re: Early MTV Rants from 1996

Written By: Red Ant on 08/19/09 at 11:37 am

Looks like some of the things I was saying back then. If I had to pin one single incident on MTV going to pot, it would be the cancellation of Headbanger's Ball. That was the final nail in the coffin, though MTV has hammered a few hundred more in since for good measure.


Subject: Re: Early MTV Rants from the mid-90s

Written By: yelimsexa on 08/19/09 at 2:49 pm

Here are some from 1994! - 10/23/1994

>Yeah......  I second it.  :>   I'm sorry, but I miss the MTV of the
>'80s.  You know,  the channel that actually played videos and Not Real
>World,  House Of Style(not that I hate Crawford), et al....  The MTV that
>would play really off the wall videos and an honest plethora of variety.

How about  I recently watched VH-1's "Whatever
Happened To..." show and seeing those old videos was a blast.  What
memories!  Too bad they couldn't have played some really history-making
videos, such as the "Rock Me Tonight" video that singlehandedly ruined
Billy Squier's career...

I miss the old MTV too.  Back when it was Music Television, and not

why Mtv sucks...- 10/25/1994

> Mtv used to be worthwhile, but now they play
> more commercials, game shows and other stupid
> sheesh then music.  And when they do get around
> to showing a video or two, they play that
> prepubescent prechewed contrived top 40
> bullsheesh that I and most other people thought
> died out in the 80's.  The best thing Mtv has accomplished
> in the last several years is fudgein' Beavis and Butthead.
> On Mtv today, if you randomly turn on the tv
> a couple times evrey day, the chances are excellent
> that if a video is playing, it will be the
> same one you saw when you tried Mtv only
> a few hours earlier, if you understand that sentence.
> Mtv has no variety, no imagination, and no point.

Absloutely and completely true...

>I, like many of you, have been around since the conception of MTV in the
>80s.  It was like the dawn of a new era in media.  Since then I've
witnessed its positive growth.  All that Nickelodeon?... it was all MTV
from what I remember.  The main company owns alot of cable television. 
Of course, now... MTV seems to have degraded into a quick-shot-5
-musical-television-junk-food--dispenser.  I used to like MTV, but its
become a trap.  It tried to become so much of what made it popular, its
focus has become too narrow.  (ig: it has strived to become so
counter-culture, that its popularity has become a laughing stock in its

        AND... not many people know this but I owned the first radio in
Springfield.  Not much was on back then... just old Tom Edison reciting
the alphabet.  A, he'd say... then B... C usually followed...

        Remember, kids... this is just a forum for discussion.  I am not
outwardly looking to flame anyone... or be flamed.  So there, nyaaaa!

Yeah, and yet another reason MTV sucks...  They try to portray themselves
as the bastions of political correctedness and yet they are about as
sexist, homophobic and racist as you can get.  They push this "anti
violence" ("Enough is enough") message all over the fudgeing place while
one out of two commercials is for that annoying bullsheesh SEGA crap video
sheesh that pretty much promotes the use of force/violence as a means of
solving any problem.  BTW, has anyone ever seen the president of
SEGA/America (an oxymoron if there ever was one)?  What a fudgeing
wuss!!!  fudge video games.  fudge MTV.  fudge the whole god
damn system.  The ONLY meritorious part of MTV *is* Beavis and Butthead;
there should be a cable channel devoted entirely to BnB so that eMpTyV
can get the fudge off the air!  Give them all the chair.  The chair!  The
CHAIR!!!  Yeah!

Play Videos!-10/25/1994

I just wish once in a while MTV would actually play videos like it used
to.  Now the only time they show videos (when they aren't showing sitcoms
and other NON-VIDEO stuff) is during some form of a "Top X" show.

I remember when on a Friday or Saturday night you could actually watch a
video!  I must be getting old........


MTV is sheesh!  -10/25/1994

I pay for extended cable services mainly to receive MTV. 

There are a few things I get our of it.

        The State
        Beavis & Butthead
        120 minutes
        Political sheesh shoved down my throat!
        Way Too Many RAP videos.


        MTV should have B&B and State episodes every 2 hours with only
        alternative rock videos between.

Think about it, the world would be a better place!

Cancel the real world.-10/27/1994

something new, something DIFFERENT. Give some unknown bands a little exposure.

Really, especially on the speciality shows.  I can remember when the
Headbangers Ball was cool.  No it just simply sucks.

>And cancel the Real World.

And the Real World was cool the first time, and kinda cool in the second
one, but now it blows.

VH1 turning into MTV -10/28/1994

Has anyone else noticed that they're showing the same videos
on both stations now??

I thought that they used to be a pretty clear line between the
videos shown on vh-1 and MTV. More and more when I think
I've turned to mtv, it's vh-1 playing the same stuff.

I really like the "what ever happened to.." on vh-1...

VH-1 must not have a brain at the helm as they play the same ten videos
over and over again.  And then they say coming up in a few minutes the
new one from Sheryl Crow, and then it turns out to "All I wnat to Do"
video which I have seen at least one hundred times in the past month.

I HATE IT!!!  And I can't imagine even a Sheryl Crow fan wanting to ever
see that video that often. 

Then they do video blocks which seems cool that they'll do three diff. vids
of each artist.  But htey only do those artists with new videos out, and
a few days later you'll see the exact same video block totally ignoring
all the other videos the performer may have.  I'm a U2 fan, but I'm sick
of "I still Haven't Found what I'm Looking for" video when they never ever
show "Where the streets have no name", "stay", or "Who's gonna ride your
wild horses".  Why not play a variety?  Is that so hard?

Sorry to vent on everybody.


MTV already had widespread hate in the mid-90s, but I didn't think it would have been THAT bad so soon.

Subject: Re: Early MTV Rants from 1996

Written By: woops on 08/19/09 at 3:23 pm

I've read some comments (ie defunct "Jump the Shark" site) that stated it jumped in the early 1990's and even the later '80's. Usually for the introduction of non music related shows and change of music environment (ie rap, alternative, etc.).

Subject: Re: Early MTV Rants from 1996

Written By: Marty McFly on 08/19/09 at 4:26 pm

Nice, I love seeing what people were thinking/saying in the moment.

It doesn't surprise me that some people already didn't like MTV by then, probably thinking that Real World and Beavis & Butthead were annoying and too different from the "all day all night videos" really early days from 1981-85 or so. Not to mention they mixed grunge and rap in with the older videos.

I think lots of people complain about the present (me included) since we're comparing it to the past instead of the future - which makes sense since that's all we know. So they were looking at what wasn't there anymore, as opposed to what still was (it was somewhat old-school and didn't totally abandon its roots until the early 00s).

Subject: Re: Early MTV Rants from 1996

Written By: 90steen on 08/19/09 at 9:04 pm

I'm surprised I don't have a rant on there considering i hated MTV and complained a lot back then.

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