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Subject: "Neo-Hippiedom" in the '90s?

Written By: Ryan112390 on 09/15/09 at 7:12 pm

Maybe it was just how I was raiseed or the people I was raised around--But I remember the mid 90s (Like 94-early 97) having, in retrospect, a sort of Hippie influence. I remember going to Manhattan and smelling lots of incense, seeing people selling beads,  other hippie stuff--I remember some of my sister's friends (who were in their 20s) wearing bell bottom/flare jeans, and long hair among older guys (teen guys) was pretty popular, at least where I lived. I also remember a lot of people wore those small, 60s-ish sunglasses. Add that to the general laid back-ness of the 90s, it just seems the better parts of the Hippie spirit found it's way into the 90s. Maybe it was just where I lived.

Subject: Re: "Neo-Hippiedom" in the '90s?

Written By: whistledog on 09/15/09 at 9:13 pm

I think it was just where you lived

Subject: Re: "Neo-Hippiedom" in the '90s?

Written By: midnite on 09/15/09 at 9:46 pm

Growing up in New Jersey, and knowing that there was a 70s revival in the 90s, I agree that there was a hippie-style revival.  In fact, I dated a girl who was into that pseudo hippy group.  She was a "hippychick."  And yes, granny glasses and bell bottoms were popular.

Subject: Re: "Neo-Hippiedom" in the '90s?

Written By: 90steen on 09/17/09 at 8:42 pm

Probably just where you lived. There are a lot of cities around that live a general hippie lifestyle.

Subject: Re: "Neo-Hippiedom" in the '90s?

Written By: robby76 on 09/21/09 at 12:51 am

The UK in the early 90s had a big hippie revival (more for fashion and music as opposed to lifestyle). I used to wear bellbottoms and CND chains, as did many others at my school.
Music like Candy Flip, Happy Mondays, Stone Roses, Inspiral Carpets were hugely popular.

Candy Flip - Strawberry Fields

Inspiral Carpets - This Is How It Feels

The whole scene is documented well...

Subject: Re: "Neo-Hippiedom" in the '90s?

Written By: amberlynn on 10/04/09 at 1:56 am

Oh, I remember the Hippie Revival of the 90's, intimately, though not personally.  In fact, it's one of my most reviled memories of the ninties.  Mostly, at least here, it was an excuse to do drugs while avoiding the general principal of the "hippie movement".  Self proclaimed hippies who refuse to live without a dishwasher.  Everyone smelled and didn't bathe enough.  It still causes me nightmares.

Subject: Re: "Neo-Hippiedom" in the '90s?

Written By: MrCleveland on 10/04/09 at 3:35 pm

Two words...Austin Powers!

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